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Published on May 11th, 2013 | by Ian Garstang


Hottest Girls on Steam

Steam has been one of the best resources for games on the PC. It’s Valve’s shining gem. And along with it are some awesome girls in the games you can purchase on Steam. A few of these women can be found on consoles too, but some were first on Steam before anything else!

Chell From Portal  Hottest Girls on Steam

Chell From Portal

While GLaDOS is a star in Portal in her own right (she might be evil, but man, is her humor charming), Chell is the protagonist that breaks the 4th wall, literally, of Aperture Science. She not only figures out just what craziness is going on outside of the endless trials she goes through, but she kicks ass while doing it. She’s one of the hottest Steam girls.

Zoey from Left 4 Dead Hottest Girls on Steam

Zoey from Left 4 Dead

Before coming to consoles, Zoey was one of those sole Steam hotties. She holds her own in a group of guys, fighting against hordes of zombies. Plus, she always had a kind of relatable, girl next door demeanor. She’s the hot girl you always figured you had a chance with.

Lara Croft from Tomb Raider Hottest Girls on Steam

Lara Croft from Tomb Raider

A long time hottie, but one that has come to the world of Steam, Lara reigns supreme. She’s tough, athletic and has an amazing (if slightly unrealistic) body. She’s only become even cooler in her latest iteration.

Jade from Beyond Good and Evil Hottest Girls on Steam

Jade from Beyond Good and Evil

Photojournalist Jade is one of the coolest girls of Steam and even though she’s somewhat dated, she still makes Beyond Good and Evil a great game. She’s also quite the motherly type, taking care of orphaned kids. She’s totally the hot girl you bring home to mom.

Nilin from Remember Me Hottest Girls on Steam

Nilin from Remember Me

OK so Remember Me isn’t out yet, but Nilin is proving to be one really hot chick. She’s the lead character in Capcom’s upcoming sci-fi dystopian action-adventure and she looks to be kick some major butt. There’s some footage of the first hour or so of the game and she might just be the next hottest thing on the video game front.

Elizabeth from Bioshock Infinite Hottest Girls on Steam

Elizabeth from Bioshock Infinite

Elizabeth is not just hot, she’s one of the smartest and most interesting female characters we’ve seen in years and she isn’t even the main protagonist. The girl’s got sass, a brilliant mind, and the ability to open up tears to new worlds. What’s not to love?


 Hottest Girls on Steam

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