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Most Popular Slots Games in New Zealand

Back in 1999, I was at University in Leeds and often took advantage of the extended holidays to escape the dreary weather of the UK for more exotic locations. In the summer, I cruised through Europe in a VW camper van that promptly broke down in each and every one of the 13 countries I visited. Whilst it was both an unforgettable experience and loads of fun, I vowed my next escapade was to be more glamorous with a more reliable vehicle.

When mid-November came around, I spotted an opportunity to travel again and jetted off to New Zealand, to explore this amazing and beautiful country, but also to see the the first sunrise of the new millennium. When the countdown to the year 2000 started, I had spend the evening in one of the most amazing casinos playing slots, cards, roulette and craps.

New Zealand has a thriving gambling culture despite only having around ten large casinos scattered across the country. The two islands than make up New Zealand are around 267,710 sq km which is a similar size to England, except for the fact that the UK houses around 68 million people and New Zealand only 5 million.

Thankfully, there are a plethora of online casinos to entertain the populace, if getting to a town or city is an issue. The most popular casino games for the majority of New Zealand players include Online Pokies (Slots), Blackjack, Roulette, Video Poker, Craps and Baccarat that can be found at most of the internet casinos that service the country.

When considering online slots in New Zealand there is lots to choose from. Having written a lot about licensed slots from the array of superhero themed slot machines to video game inspired slot machines it may come as no surprise that out of the top ten most popular slots games in New Zealand, I have chosen to focus on game, tv and movie themed slot games



Tomb Raider: Secret of the Sword

The Tomb Raider pokie machine first appeared in 2004, with its sequel Tomb Raider II — Secret of the Sword appearing in 2008. The game, not to be confused with Tomb Raider – Curse of the Sword (on Gameboy) came out at the height of the franchise’s popularity, after around seven different video games had been released. 2008 saw the last big Tomb Raider release, before it took a five year pause and was rebooted in 2013.

The Tomb Raider slot machine has stayed a fan favourite because of the Lara Croft character and the way the gameplay draws upon themes from both the games and films. From a gaming perspective, it is also potentially a very lucrative game, the most attractive feature being the 10x free spin feature where wins are tripled. With this feature, it’s possible to win a jackpot worth over $55,000, a treasure, well worth unearthing.



Battlestar Galactica

The reboot of this classic 80’s sci-fi show managed to eclipse its predecessor and weave complex social and political themes amongst high octane space battles. The show was a huge hit with the science fiction community, but when a microgaming version appeared in the online casinos many gamers were extremely surprised. However, the Battlestar Galactica designers did a fantastic job converting the licence into an exciting and interactive slots game.

The whole experience has the dark and grimy spaceship theme and uses real clips from the show, explosive sound effects, and stunning graphics that leap from the screen and give the whole gaming experience a sense of occasion.

Aside from the graphics, Battlestar Galactica uses an authentic soundtrack, sound effects from the show, and every so often you hear character voices, making the whole game feel considered.




Love it or hate it, the Gladiator movie was pretty epic. Personally, I liked it and as it stars the brash New Zealander, Russell Crowe it’s little wonder it is one of the most popular slots games in New Zealand.

Created by Playtech, the Gladiator slot machine enjoys a progressive jackpot, cinematic graphics, and huge payouts. After each win, players are treated to various high definition film clips and voice clips from Crowe himself. Whilst playing, you’ll come across many bonus features such as a progressive jackpot, free spins, two bonus games, and various multipliers.

At nearly ten years old, this five reel video slot features 25 paylines and a progressive jackpot that frequently exceeds $1 million. This is definitely worth jumping into the arena for.

Other games worth keeping an eye out for are the Guns and Roses slots and the more recent Game of Thrones slots that build upon the games mentioned above.


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