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How to Buy Games Cheaper with a VPN

The world keeps on changing, and the same can be said for video games and all the related industries. Since the internet came to be, there’s no longer a need to physically visit a brick & mortar store to buy them. The internet also plays a substantial role in how they are marketed.

Play against opponents from all parts of the world

Indeed, the internet has changed the world in many ways and it continues to leave its mark in the realm of gaming. Perhaps, one of the great things about it, in general, is the fact that it allows you to compete against other players from all over the world in games like FIFA, Overwatch, League of Legends, and other popular titles. By visiting an online retailer of your choice, you can jump into action in a matter of minutes.

Buying games online is more convenient

Online shopping has become the go-to method for purchasing video games, which makes a lot of sense. Why bother going through all the hassle of visiting a video game store if you can order them online? Unless you place a lot of importance on the brick & mortar experience, online shopping is the way to go, as it’s much more time-efficient. And since there are a lot of competing online stores (with Steam being just one exception), it’s easy to get a good deal.

And best of all? Just like watching movies and streams, purchasing a video game online only takes a couple of clicks. Still, the newest titles can be quite expensive in general, but understandably so – after all, it could take years to develop and polish one. As a general rule of thumb, the more technologically-complex it is, the higher the development costs will be. They could even go up to millions upon millions of dollars.

To get the best possible experience, paying for the video game itself won’t be the only cost involved. You’ll also need to shell out a little bit of something for a decent gaming machine. Your student netbook, unfortunately, won’t quite cut it.


The trick for getting the best prices

As for getting the best deal on video games, there’s a good trick that we’re about to share with you. Do you know that prices can vary depending on where you’re purchasing the games from? To illustrate an example, you’ll have to pay more for any given title if you were to purchase it from the US or the UK. In comparison, getting the same video game from developing countries like Mexico likely won’t cost as much.

Now, here’s where using a VPN comes in. By connecting to the web through one, you’ll be able to misrepresent your actual physical location, prompting the web stores to think you’re from somewhere else than where you’re staying right now. That way, you can get away with making a purchase for a lot less than you otherwise would. The same holds for video games and other things that can be purchased online, including airplane or concert tickets.

Another benefit of using a VPN is being able to access games that are only available in a certain region. Without a VPN, you wouldn’t be able to purchase them…unless, of course, you relocated to that particular area. Naturally, this is something the vast majority of people wouldn’t be willing to do just for the sake of getting their hands on a particular video game title.

The technicalities behind changing your IP address

This works because a virtual private network used on an Android or any other device essentially changes your IP address to make it appear it originates from pretty much any country of your choosing. That way, you can trick the online store into giving you a better deal. If you’re doing a lot of online shopping, this method allows you to save quite a hefty chunk of cash – it all adds up in the end.

If you can’t find the best price right away, keep changing your IP address until you do and make sure to take notes along the way (or remember the prices as they get displayed). Don’t worry – the number of times you can change your IP is unlimited.

Everyone can use and install a VPN

Don’t be fooled into thinking that using a VPN is reserved for the tech-savvy. On the contrary; the procedure is simple enough for anybody to follow.

The first step, of course, is to find a VPN provider that supports your device. Then, you need to install the software. Next, launch it and change the IP through the interactive interface. Finally, open up your browser and head on over to the store you want to make the purchase from. If the price displayed is not quite to your liking, keep cycling through IP addresses of different origin until you come across the one you like. Happy hunting!


Apart from the benefits we’ve mentioned, installing a VPN will also shield you from would-be hackers, cyber-criminals, and protect your privacy and sensitive data when browsing online. But remember – as with most other things in life, you get what you pay for, so to attain the most optimal protection possible, make sure to stick with a paid option.

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