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It’s all about gaming, game creation and development and even a bit of game marketing

Debugdesign is the freelancer handle of Ian Garstang, aka me! I am an avid gamer and amateur game designer and developer. When not gaming I enjoy traveling and online marketing and work various clients. During the day I work for an award winning creative marketing agency in London and in the off hours I play games, make games and create graphics for others to use in their own games. I even review games so all in all, I’m all about the games.

This blog is my homage to games and I discuss whats happening in the games industry, look back at gaming titles, look at game marketing and game creation whilst eagerly looking forward to next gen consoles. I’ve had a slew of computers and consoles over the years starting with the Atari 2600 all the way to my pre-ordered Xbox One.

2D Game Assets for Indie Developers

In my free time I create game graphics and 2D assets for various indie game developers. I have created game graphics for over 50+ games for all ages and my art style is ‘cartoon’ which encompasses everything from simple South Park Style to more comic book or Disney style.

When I am not working with individual clients I am constantly updating my 2D game assets online store Graphic-Buffet. This has over 140 products ranging from simple star graphics all the way to complete platformer game graphics packs. Ultimately I want to get additional artists involved and create a site full to the brim of game graphics that people can use for everything from prototyping to final art work. Everything come with editable files so its easy to customise any of the graphics to fit your vision.

One of my hopes is to someday have enough graphics on the site to create an epic 2D retro inspired game. If I every get the time 🙂

So if you would like:

  • Custom game graphics
  • Cheap game graphics
  • Game marketing advice
  • To appear on this blog
  • or to hook up to play online

Do not hesitate to get in touch!

A Massive (and not very good) Picture of 2D Assets Creator Ian Garstang



Meet The Family

Debug Design is the first and the original, but it is just one website in a whole family of blogs that explore the interests of Ian Garstang. If you enjoy what you read why not dig a little deeper into the sister sites:

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