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Nevada To Turn The Tables Around With Video Game Gambling

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I’m from Australia – the land of beers, surfing and vicious monsters from the nightmare realm of the animal world, that are trying to kill you 24/7.

My country is really fun to be in for a plethora of reasons: it’s warm here; we have the all-you-can-swim ocean around, and a lot (like A LOT) of nightlife! Clubs, bars, legal casinos – it’s pretty much like Vegas here, but with nopes and spiders. Seriously, you should come visit us sometime!

Yeah, as I said, the history of Australian gambling is quite prominent and I never thought I would have any reasons for booking a flight to Nevada. Oh, how wrong I was…


Gambling + video games

Do you remember the good old days where three letters on the score board of an arcade machine defined you? It’s like there was this mall with a Pac-man machine and you were number one, your initials were at the top and none of the kids could beat your score?

Yeah, that feeling is priceless. Now imagine there are people willing to pay good money for it. And I don’t mean donation hype on Twitch with your super hot Pro Gaming channel. You do have one of those, right? All the cool kids in the block do!

Where was I now? Oh, right, game-gambling. Nevada is actually on the verge of something incredible here. I’d even call is a casino revolution. Arcade-style games are about to be introduced. Winnings should be paid off based on the skill of the player. So yeah, retrieving the princess from yet another castle can pay off big time.



Truth be told, casinos are learning to adapt to a newer, younger target audience. Millennials already rule the global parade and newer generations of PS4-raised adults are coming. Frankly, most of them simply don’t give a dime about slot machines and stuff like that. And a lot of them care about gaming.

While digital casinos have already fired the shots and are now capitalizing on e-sports betting their brick and mortar counterparts were desperate for fresh ideas. I personally believe that this level of commitment as well as enhanced competition is destined to create something far greater than the lame old one armed bandits.

One question remains – how will they realize their idea? Shooting aliens or avoiding barrels thrown by an obnoxious primate is cool and all, but there’s no gambling in it. In either way I now know I have a reason for a trip to Vegas. You are destined to see some new initial letters somewhere out there in the top of the charts!

So, what do you guys think?

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