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NetEnt Creates the First Virtual Reality Money Slot

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This article is all about the NetEnt software provider, a giant of the online gambling industry. They have impressive slot machines and we are always happy to see it in the list of developers a certain online casino works with.

Everybody is in love with NetEnt casino games and they have a good reason to do so. They are fair, easy to play, engaging and very rewarding. And this is not all, as the company is permanently trying to evolve and reinvent themselves. This is why they decided to change the world with a new version of the already popular slot – Gonzo’s Quest.

The virtual reality version is soon to be released and will be available on all mobile devices, trough any gambling platform that uses NetEnt as their software provider.

What does Virtual Reality mean? 

We are witnessing a rapid grow in the industry, since the year of 2016 when the market was thrilled by the release of new virtual reality technology from big companies like Samsung and HTC.

Since then, we’ve experienced several ingenious creations like Star Trek: Bridge Crew” console game or the trend that conquered the world – “Pokemon Go”. These games were highly addicted mostly because they are extremely engaging and provide an experience so great and rewarding.

The industry’s specialists talk about a huge growth by 2020, as the virtual reality technology is believed to change the face of the gaming industry and also spread to other industries in the years to come.


What Gonzo’s Quest VR will be like?

This is still a version of the original game so we recommend you to try that one first so the comparison will be richer. In other words, all 2D features will be transformed using the VR technology. If you are curious what will that mean in a more specific way, we’re here to help:

  • 360 degrees view – this means that you as a player will be able to explore your environment all the way, without a corner left untouched. The option is actually necessary because you won’t have a menu, but instead, all the game options will appear on the screen while you spin it.
  • Engaging exploration – when the game starts, you will see the main character, Gonzo, exit the jungle with a map in his hands. He will continue to explore as you play your slot, and whenever you hit winning combinations you will be able to move to other scenes in the game. The progressive option makes us extremely happy, as sometimes when playing a slot, we feel the need to change the scenery a little.
  • Engaging features – the VR version of the slot, uses the falling block feature instead of the spinning one. This is not new but is different than the majority and we like the effect. Also, the spin button is hidden until the rounds have ended, and you get a talking parrot to tell you how much you won.
  • Juicy Jackpots – NetEnt will bring a special addition to the casino game, with confetti dropping from the sky and celebrating your every win. This is a beautiful touch, that shows us this provider really treasure its fans and is more than willing to bring huge wins to them.

What can we expect in the future?

We believe that NetEnt software provider is only the first of many courageous developers that will start a project and design many more VR technology slot machines.

The gambling industry is quickly changing and players become more and more demanding for quality, impressive design, and engaging feature.

VR technology is sure the next big hit, and the more slot machines that use it, the better. There will sure be far better games than Gonzo’s Quest, maybe even more developed by NetEnt provider, but this is definitely an ice breaker.

We recommend you to keep attention on the news in the industry, to find out when the first VR slot machine will be available for play in your favorite online casino. You don’t want to miss the release of this promised-to-be hit in the online gambling industry. The danger is that you might enjoy it so much that it will become so hard to play the classic slots anymore.


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