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Sports Betting: Downloading and Installing the Sportsbook’s Mobile App 

Are you interested in using your smartphone as your primary gaming device? If so, do you have an Android phone, or an Apple phone (iPhone)?

On the other hand, you might just have a mobile phone and not a smartphone. Therefore, you will need to upgrade your phone to a smartphone that has the technical specifications to run a mobile sports betting app. Which smartphone brand do you buy – Apple or Android?

Apple versus Android: Which do you choose?

By way of answering these questions, let’s look at the following points:

Android phones and iPhones have different operating systems and need apps that are specifically designed for the operating system or ecosystem. The apps are not cross-platform or platform-independent.

If you buy an iPhone, you must note that you cannot install any apps that are not published on the iPhone App Store. This is all part of Apple’s walled garden or closed platform that ensures that all apps are of a minimum standard. It has been argued that Apple likes to regulate the iPhone hardware, software, and services – “effectively controlling every aspect of the user experience.” This philosophy seems to work because the brand’s attention to detail ensures returning customers.

Juxtapositionally, Android supports a more open ecosystem. Several top brands, like Samsung and Google, manufacture smartphones that use the Android operating system. As an aside, it is worth noting that about 72% of all smartphones in use today are Android phones.

Secondly, Android allows users to install apps that are not on the Google Play Store. The Play store does not allow any sports betting apps like the Ladbrokes app; therefore, any gambling apps must be downloaded directly from the sportsbook’s or online casino’s website.

Downloading and installing the iPhone app

The iPhone app is simple to download and install. Apple does the heavy-lifting work for its users.

Consequently, the most challenging part of this process is to ensure that you have created an Apple user account and password. The next step is to open the App Store’s app, search for the sportsbook’s mobile app and click on “GET APP.” The App Store will ask you to log in to your Apple account, using your username and password. Once these have been entered correctly, the app will download and install by itself.

Downloading and installing the Android app

Because you can’t download the mobile app from the Play Store, the process to download and install the Android app is slightly more complex.

The first step is to tell Android that you want it to allow the installation of apps from “Unknown sources.” You need to open the Settings app and navigate to the security section to find this option.

The next step is to open the phone’s web browser, Chrome, and navigate to the sportsbook’s website. As you hit this website, a popup message will ask you if you want to download and install the app. Click on “Download.” And the app will start downloading.

When the download is finished, you need to go to the phone’s Download’s folder and click on the install file (.apk file). The app will then install.

Final thoughts

As highlighted above, it’s not difficult to download and install both the Android and iPhone sports betting apps. All you need to is to follow the given instructions, and you will soon be able to start placing successful bets via the app.

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