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Do’s And Don’ts of a Strong Password: Things You Need to Know to Ensure Your Cybersecurity

Passwords have taken ample space in our minds nowadays. As we have many accounts on the world wide web, we have to make a lot of passwords to create different accounts on different websites. Passwords are the guards of our different virtual accounts to protect it from cyber theft.

Hence, we always need to create a strong password for all our accounts to keep them safe from cybercrimes. However, most of us tend to create an easy and short password that we can always remember and can use whenever needed. This is one of those blunders and the very first step to making those accounts vulnerable to a hacker. 

Hence, here today, we are going to share a few do’s and don’ts with our readers that they need to keep in mind while creating a new password for an online account. 

Do’s first:

  • The very first thing you should remember while creating a password is always try to create a long password. Create a long password that you will not forget that easily. Look, even if you are creating a password to your account on an eCommerce website, you should make your passwords long. Hackers can get your home address, card details, phone number l, and even office address at times from those accounts. You don’t want to share them with someone after looking for discount codes on the internet all day long to get your favourite product ahead of this festive season, right! Hence, never create a short password. 
  • Now, let’s say you have created a long password. However, you are prone to forget them sooner or later. So your first is going to be storing your password at someplace where you can find it easily if you need it. Store your password in the safest place possible, in your mind for that matter. However, if you keep forgetting things, never write it on your notepad, not even on your phone’s one. Easy-to-find passwords will never protect your privacy no matter how strong or long it is. 
  •       Create a password that contains both letters and numbers. Try to fill the minimum number of characters in the password box with every character you have on your keyboard. Use small letters, and capital letters, hashtags, punctuations, and even the space bar in that case. It will make your password stronger. 
  •       Do search for a password manager: This is one of the best things on the internet. Few apps can manage all your passwords. With this little help from these applications, you don’t need to remember all your passwords anymore. All you need to remember is the one password for the application, and no matter how complicated the password of your favourite social media account is, you never need to worry about it


Then comes the don’ts: 

  •       Never keep a password for too long. Only fools will keep the same password for their online accounts the same for too long. Even your ATM card asks you to keep changing the passwords frequently. Hence, try to keep changing the passwords for your different accounts as often as possible. 
  •       Never make your passwords easy to guess. Your birth year, birth month, your name or contact number, name of your parents or partner is best as your password as long as you don’t have any relation with anyone in this whole world. These are the most common passwords and are easy to guess for your close ones. Do not ever take that chance with these common passwords. 
  •       Never keep the same password for every other website. You should never keep the same password for different websites. This is another way to make your virtual privacy vulnerable to hackers.  

So, these are the dos and don’ts you always need to follow to create a strong password for your different social accounts. Cybercrime is a thing; don’t let them take away your privacy. 


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