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Riven Resurfaces: Myst’s Iconic Sequel Arrives Meta Quest

Cyan Worlds brings its classic puzzle adventure to Windows PC, Mac, and Meta Quest, reigniting nostalgic flames for fans of the genre.

As someone who fell in love with Myst when it first emerged all those years ago, I’m thrilled to report that its sequel, Riven, has now made its way to contemporary gaming platforms. This re-release from Cyan Worlds brings the beloved puzzle adventure to Windows PC, Mac, and Meta Quest, offering both longtime fans and newcomers the chance to explore its enigmatic world.


A Legacy of Innovation

Cyan Worlds, founded by brothers Rand and Robyn Miller in 1987, revolutionised the gaming landscape with the release of Myst in 1991. Their goal was simple yet ambitious: create an experience that felt more like a place than a game. Breaking away from traditional gaming tropes, Myst eschewed common elements like death, combat, restarts, or inventories. Instead, it focused on immersion, exploration, and becoming part of the story.

The public response was nothing short of phenomenal. Myst and Riven combined have sold over 15 million copies worldwide, with Myst holding the title of best-selling video game of the 20th century until 2003.


Riven: The Next Chapter

Riven, originally released in 1997, continued the story and expanded upon the puzzle-solving and world-exploration elements that made Myst so captivating. Its arrival on modern platforms allows a new generation of players to experience this classic title, potentially with enhanced graphics and user interface improvements (though specific details of this re-release are yet to be confirmed).


Cyan’s Ongoing Evolution

Since the Myst series, Cyan Worlds has continued to innovate:

  • Uru (Myst Online): An MMO-style experience set in the Myst universe, still available to explore for free.
  • Recent Titles: Obduction, Firmament, and a VR remake of Myst, showcasing Cyan’s adaptation to modern gaming trends.
  • Ongoing Development: The studio continues to work on new projects, promising more intriguing worlds and subversive storytelling.

Why Riven Matters

For those who remember losing themselves in Myst’s mysterious islands, Riven’s re-release is a chance to revisit a pivotal moment in gaming history. For newcomers, it’s an opportunity to experience a game that helped define the adventure puzzle genre, potentially with modern enhancements to smooth out some of the original’s rough edges.

As someone who spent countless hours poring over Myst’s puzzles and environments, I’m personally excited to see Riven find new life on current platforms. While the gaming landscape has changed dramatically since its original release, there’s still something magical about the way Cyan crafts its worlds and stories.

Whether you’re a longtime fan or a curious newcomer, Riven’s arrival on Windows PC, Mac, and Meta Quest offers a chance to experience a piece of gaming history. Just be prepared to have a notebook handy – you might need it.


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