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Carlo Nunneri

My name is Carlo Nunneri. I am 26 years old and I am currently a History MA student at California State University Northridge. I have been playing video games for as long as I have been going to school, which is pretty much my entire life. In blatant terms, I have been a gamer ever since I can remember. I still have all the consoles that my brother and I acquired growing up and hope to collect more as I come across them later in life. My brother is four years older than I am, but he “grew out” of gaming many years ago but for me, it was not something to “grow out” of. Video games have saturated my life for so long now, that I cannot simply set them aside. I am a gamer through and through. Maybe, sometimes, life gets in the way and video games have to take a back seat, but they never lose my attention for very long. I love all sorts of video games, game reviews, streams, YouTube videos, etc. The gaming industry has become a part of me, almost like another limb; not something to be discarded but something to be cherished and embraced. Gaming will always be a part of me, regardless of what stage I am at in my life or how old I get. It is one of the most consistent aspects of my life and I am proud of it.

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    Carlo NunneriApril 5, 2018
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