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Enthralled by PC gaming since childhood, Konstantin considers the medium strongly underappreciated: both journalists and scholars seem to hold video games in low esteem, while the general population, and the industry itself, often treats them as the ultimate mindless entertainment. Born in Bulgaria, he now lives in Milan. His contact with Italian academia has furthered his understanding of humanities, culture, politics, and art. This particular awareness makes him a shrewd observer and analyst of games. Read more at <a></a>

  • Review: Die for Valhalla | Steam

    Side-Scrolling Viking Action From Monster Couch

    Game ReviewskonstantinJuly 11, 2018
  • Review: Bear With Me | Steam

    Exordium Game’s Bear With Me is an indie, point-and-click, adventure game set in a black and white cartoonish world infused with...

    Indie GamingkonstantinMay 21, 2018