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    10 Heavy Metal Games To Rock Out To

    Heavy metal and video games go hand in hand, with their intense action and high-energy soundtracks. In this article, we will...

    Indie Game DevFebruary 19, 2023
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    Xbox One Is All About The Music

    I thought we had grown out of the peripheral fad and stowed all of our plastic instruments and microphones. However, ....

    Indie Game DevApril 30, 2015
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    Can Video Games Turn You Into The Next Hendrix?

    Much has been said to detract from Guitar Hero and Rock Band as games. Elitist guitarists shun the games, with the...

    Michael SheridanJanuary 14, 2014
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    Unusual But Exciting Games on Next Gen Consoles

    The next generation of consoles and handhelds offer us mildly better graphics, increase social interaction and some quirky new features to...

    Indie Game DevDecember 2, 2013