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Game Graphics

I have been a graphic designer for almost 10 years creating graphics for video games, websites, print work and general illustrations. Game graphics are both a hobby and a passion of mine, and I enjoy seeing the game art of others and creating sprites and characters in my own style.

I have created game art for almost 100 games and you can see a few pieces of my work in the portfolio section. This is only a small selection as some projects are ‘classified’ others are unfinished and some are done as a ‘secret 3rd party’.

For some of the more general game graphics I have created an online store that sells editable vector files ready to use in your game. Every month i learn a little more and since its inception I have added EPS files, then sprite sheets and now I am looking at adding SVG files to future products.

Do you do any custom work?

I get this question a lot and to answer, I do accept custom work and I would be happy to quote on your requirements. I am cheap (compared to most) and I am ‘usually’ pretty quick. My downside is the fact I have two small girls so I can be called away at a moment’s notice (i like to be a good dad) so be prepared.

Useful things to know when asking for a quote:

– Name of game
– Mechanics, story etc
– Assets required (sprites, backgrounds, buttons, HUD, menu screens etc)
– Target size (iPad, iPhone, Android, retina display etc)
– Budget
– Games & style you like (references)

All of the above is very useful to know and although you might be hesitant to give a budget, it really does help as it saves time quoting and waiting for a quote.


Not just a pretty face!

I am no Don Bluth or Walt Disney but I can also animate as well. I am not professionally trained in it but I do my best.


Examples of my work

The best example of my work can be on my on game graphics assets store at


Otherwise take a look at the MY WORK page