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Top Unity Assets From 2023

In the crazy world of game dev, completing projects sometimes involves harnessing pre-made assets to save time and take away some of the more boring tasks of game creation (i’m looking at you save system!). In 2023, Unity may have fell out of favour with a few devs, but many of us were too deep in to make a change. Thanks to the quick turnaround of decisions we could continue using our favourite engine. This was great news as the asset store is one of the greatest part of using Unity. Today I wanted to look back at the top five Unity assets from 2023 as shared by Unity themselves.

1. A Pathfinding Project Pro: Navigating the Virtual Maze*

The A* Pathfinding Project Pro is a game-changer for Unity developers seeking seamless navigation for AI entities. Whether you’re creating Tower Defense (TD), First-Person Shooter (FPS), or Real-Time Strategy (RTS) games, this asset’s blazing-fast pathfinding capabilities stand out. Supporting various graph types, multithreading, and advanced features like local avoidance, it ensures your AIs effortlessly find their way through complex mazes. With 16 example scenes and comprehensive documentation, integrating this asset is a breeze.

2. Hot Reload | Edit Code Without Compiling: Revolutionizing Development Workflow

Hot Reload is a game development boon that allows instant code changes without the need for time-consuming compilations. In a world where efficiency is paramount, this asset supports a wide array of edits, from logic changes to asynchronous coding. Its compatibility with Unity versions and versatility in supporting different code structures make it a trusted ally for solo developers and large studios alike. With a user-friendly setup and impressive features, Hot Reload has earned its place among the Unity Awards 2023 nominees.

3. Final IK: Achieving Realistic Animations

For developers seeking the pinnacle of Inverse Kinematics (IK) in Unity, Final IK emerges as a comprehensive solution. Compatible with various render pipelines, it empowers developers to create cutting-edge, high-fidelity graphics across different platforms. The asset includes a range of IK solutions, from Full Body Biped IK to Interaction System, providing a robust toolkit for achieving realistic character animations. With over 30 demo videos showcasing its capabilities, Final IK stands as a vital asset for elevating game animations.


4. Easy Save – The Complete Save Data & Serializer System: Cross-Platform Data Management

Easy Save redefines how Unity developers handle save data and serialization. Since its introduction in 2011, it has evolved into a feature-rich system supporting encryption, compression, cloud storage, and more. Its versatility allows serialization of a wide array of elements, including GameObjects, arrays, dictionaries, and Unity object references. With compatibility across various platforms and integration with popular Unity visual scripting tools like PlayMaker and Bolt, Easy Save offers a robust and flexible solution for managing game data.

5. TopDown Engine: Crafting Seamless Top-Down Experiences *Personal Fave!

Developed by the creator of the acclaimed Corgi Engine, the TopDown Engine stands out as the most complete solution for creating top-down games in Unity. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced developer, this 2D and 3D engine provides a rich framework for top-down action games. Packed with features, including a tight character controller, advanced AI system, inventory management, and multiplayer capabilities, it caters to diverse game development needs. The engine’s commitment to game feel, extensive content, and constant updates make it an invaluable asset for crafting top-down games that truly resonate with players.

Game dev is hard, so anything we can do to speed up the process, meet our deadlines and release games is fantastic. What are your thoughts on the Unity Asset Store?

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