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Level Up Your Skills and Game Business with Xsolla Academy Online

Xsolla, the company behind Roblox, proudly announces the launch of Xsolla Academy Online (XAO). Since its inception in 2005, Xsolla has been a cornerstone in the gaming industry, assisting developers and publishers in funding, launching, selling, and monetising their video games globally. Now, Xsolla extends its wealth of knowledge and expertise to the wider gaming community with XAO, a gamified training platform designed to empower game developers and professionals.

Xsolla Academy Online is crafted to help individuals at all stages of their careers, from seasoned professionals seeking advancement to newcomers navigating the complexities of the gaming business. The platform offers a comprehensive suite of training programs focusing on practical application and industry relevance, ensuring that participants can confidently tackle business challenges.

Key Features of Xsolla Academy Online

  • Industry-Relevant Skills and Best Practices: XAO offers six gamified tracks covering essential areas such as Game Business, Monetisation, Marketing, Distribution, Investment, and Xsolla Solutions for Business. These tracks provide frameworks, effective practices, and tools to enhance business strategies and career development.
  • Bit-Sized Skills Training: Address your most pressing questions with concise, expertly crafted content. Select your area of interest and dive into a variety of topics designed to provide quick and effective learning.
  • Engaging, Gamified Learning: Learn at your own pace with interactive, engaging content. The gamified approach ensures a fun and effective learning experience, accessible from anywhere in the world.
  • Always Up-to-Date Content: Stay current with the latest industry trends and practices, all available on one convenient platform.
  • Networking Opportunities: Connect with a global community of fellow developers, industry experts, and potential investors through forums and networking events, fostering valuable connections and growth opportunities.

Join the XAO Community

Explore the diverse programs and meet the exceptional instructors who bring unparalleled expertise to XAO. The platform is designed to help you build strategies with long-term positive impacts and provide solutions to daily business challenges. Whether you aim to advance your career, enter the gaming industry, or elevate your game business, Xsolla Academy Online offers the tools and support you need.

Join Xsolla Academy Online today for free and set your game business on a path to success. Visit to learn more and become part of an amazing community dedicated to fostering innovation, accessibility, and growth within the gaming industry.

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