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My work

Game Graphics, Art and Assets

Most of the work I undertake is done is at the beginning of the indie game design and development process and usually at that stage I have to keep it to myself. Other game art projects are done as a silent third party so I am unable to display game design work on this site. Also some games can take years to develop and others are shelved so even when I have done the work it may never be seen. I have added a few game graphics below to give you a flavour of the type of game art I produce. As you will notice, my style is very much cartoon vector style. The game graphics range from simple colourful backgrounds to fully animated characters. I also produce various generic game graphics which can be found on

If you want to get in touch please visit the game graphics section for more information on the information I will need to produce your game assets.

Contact me directly for more up-to-date samples as well as more specific examples. I can create the following:

  • Backgrounds
  • Characters
  • Assets
  • Power ups
  • GUI elements (buttons, timers etc)
  • Splash and menu screens
  • Icon packs
  • Promotional screenshots

I can either design the whole asset packs or individual game graphics based on your requirements.