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New Mods for Minecraft Bedrock 2023

Download Mods for Minecraft 2023: make the gameplay even more fun and convenient, and also use a mini-map while traveling.

Best Mods for Minecraft 2023

The authors have prepared various new opportunities for players, from creating videos to using both hands. And also in Mods for Minecraft 2023 they will be able to get acquainted with unique creatures and mobs.

jenny mod in minecraft


Thanks to this mod for Minecraft 2023 add-on, players will make the gameplay more diverse and exciting.

Try to attract the attention of a beautiful girl who has very unusual abilities for the cubic world.


rascal mod in minecraft


Unfortunately, this mob did not win the general vote, but by installing Mods for Minecraft 2023, players will still have a chance to evaluate its abilities.

The animal lives mainly in caves, where it likes to play hide-and-seek with the heroes. By the way, if the player still manages to catch the animal, he will give some valuable items.


demon slayer mod in minecraft

Demon Slayer

Every user can now become a real warrior and fight using a famous weapon. In this Mods for Minecraft 2023 expansion, players will also receive unique abilities that could occur in the anime of the same name.

Choose which clan to fight for and start an exciting adventure.


mini-map mod in minecraft

Mini Map

With this mod for Minecraft 2023 update, players will not have to constantly memorize their way so as not to get lost in the boundless world.

Now the Mini Map will be located right on the screen. Change the settings to make the gameplay even more convenient.


anime-naruto mod in minecraft

Anime Naruto

For all fans of Japanese anime works, the authors have created this mod for Minecraft 2023 add-on. By installing it, they will be able to combine two universes: the cubic world and the world of Naruto.

Use incredible weapons and original armor and defeat your enemies.


hand-mods in Minecraft

Mod for Hands

Users have long dreamed of expanding the possibilities of using the hands of the hero. The authors of Mods for Minecraft 2023 have fully coped with this task.

Now both limbs can grab any object, so you can fight with two types of weapons at once. And also use both a compass and a map at the same time.


ben10 mod in minecraft

Ben Ten

For all fans of the cartoon of the same name, the authors have created this mod for Minecraft 2023 add-on. The famous Omnitrix will be available to players.

With it, you can transform into alien creatures and use their skills in battle.


sniffer mod in minecraft


Get to know this cute and good-natured mob better. In this Mods for Minecraft 2023 update, players will have a chance to observe the process of its birth.

To do this, go to the pond and find a red egg, after a while, an animal will appear from them.


achievements in minecraft


Mods for Minecraft 2023 will allow you to pump up your abilities and give the gameplay a new meaning. This time, the authors have prepared an updated menu where you can track your results and learn about upcoming tasks.


replays in minecraft


For all fans of video creation, the authors of Mods for Minecraft 2023 suggest evaluating this update.

Players will adjust the settings, set control points, and eventually be able to get a finished video.



Minecraft Mods


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