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  • Features
    10 Retro Remakes I Would Love to See

    It’s hard not to feel nostalgic about certain video games as they have shaped who I am today. The joy of...

    Indie Game DevNovember 1, 2013
  • General
    ZOMBIES! Up Close and Personal

    We are definitely in the year of the Zombie. We can’t move for the undead, they are on our TV’s, in...

    Indie Game DevJune 3, 2013
  • Characters
    Top Video Game and Music Cross Overs

    Music and video games have gone hand in hand for a while, long before the days of Rockband and Guitar Hero....

    Indie Game DevMay 27, 2013
  • 80's Week
    The last of my eighties content

    As the 80’s week comes to a close I just thought I’d say a huge thank you to all the readers...

    Indie Game DevMarch 23, 2013