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Dev Diary

  • Game development diary #8 The Hold Up

    Stop everything! That’s what it felt like at the beginning of February when I stupidly decided to update the website....

    Ian GarstangMarch 5, 2013
  • Game Development Diary #7 | Super Drop Zone Video

    Just a quick update on my upcoming game Super Drop Zone for IPad and iPhone. Below is a short YouTube video...

    Ian GarstangFebruary 1, 2013
  • Game development diary #6

    So I’ve finally started the development process. By this I don’t mean writing lines of code but opening Gamesalad and starting...

    Ian GarstangJanuary 21, 2013
  • Game Development Diary #5

    I’m not going to lie to you, it’s been slow going. What should be a relatively simple game is taking much...

    Ian GarstangJanuary 17, 2013
  • Game Development Dairy #4 Super Drop Zone

    My game idea for the One Game A Month challenge has finally moved from paper to Adobe Illustrator. So far I...

    Ian GarstangJanuary 10, 2013
  • Game Development Diary #3

    First Snags: Techical It was only going to be a matter of time before I hit a couple of bumps in...

    Ian GarstangJanuary 6, 2013
  • Game Development Diary #2 – The Announcement

    The Announcement: The Big Game I have made a decision on my ‘big game’ project and decided that I will finally...

    Ian GarstangJanuary 3, 2013
  • Game Developer Diary 2013 #01

    As I stare at the blank piece of paper trying to think where to start my game development journey I realise...

    Ian GarstangJanuary 2, 2013