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Game Developer Diary 2013 #01

As I stare at the blank piece of paper trying to think where to start my game development journey I realise the massive task ahead of me. I have so many ideas, sketches, thoughts running through my head and on bits of paper and yet they have no order or direction so all I can do is just sit and stare.

I am torn between creating one game a month as part of stormy’s challenge or focusing on one bigger and more involved game over a longer period of time. Creating many games over the course of a year could prove to be a huge learning experience and who knows, I might create something half decent at some stage. Creating a single game however, could create a deeper and better thought out game. Either way, I need to start somewhere and I think my best option is to start with DBA’s resource center. This essential set of tools have all the templates to get me started in game development. At £150 it really is a bargain if you can scrape together the cash.

Deep Blue App - Resource centre

Don’t get sidetracked:

With the resource centre downloaded it is very tempting to go through all the goodies their in but I still need to focus. This toolset will be a huge help when trying to figure out how to create inventory systems, maps, puzzles and SO much more. And should I go ahead with one game a month it gives me all the basic templates to start my journey.

It’s time to go to the gym…

As I sit on the gym bike writing this I can understand if you think I just got sidetracked. But there is so much to do I need to get the blood pumping and write all these thoughts down in order to organise them into a coherent plan.

I am going to postpone making the one game or twelve game decision for a while and attempt both until I have a better understanding of what I want to achieve.

Step 1 was to go to the gym and clear my thoughts.

Step 2 is to get supplies. A large A2 pad, A4 notepad, grid paper and various pens.

Step 3 is to buy the DBA resource centre.

Step 4 will be to write up a game plan and go through what assets I currently have to work with.


Above all, it isn’t about money

I’ve learned that if you are making games to earn a quick buck then you might as well quit now. It might work for a select few but on the whole rubbish games soon disappear from existence never to be heard from again. I am making my games for fun.

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