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The Five Coolest Mainstream Video Game Studio Websites

When I am online looking for gaming related news to read, for some reason never think to look at the actual studios website. For example when The Last Of Us was released earlier in 2013 I would search the internet looking for information, but it never once popped into my head to check out the actual Naughty Dog website.

So with that being said I have put together a list of five major video game studios that have really cool and fun sites for you to check out.


I know is so easy to take pot shots at Nintendo these days, but there website is actually pretty cool. As well as having information on their upcoming games one of the things that I got a kick out was the way you could look at some of their biggest characters like Link and Mario for example. Also if you do own a 3DS or a Wii you simply have to check this site out regularly so that you can redeem your Nintendo points to get some exclusive merchandise.


I know that Capcom may seem like they have a special department just to annoy us fans these days, but there website is still pretty cool. I love the forums that are on this website, but best of all is the store which sells many exclusive Capcom related gaming collectables that you will struggle to find anywhere else.


I will always be a Sega fan and there website is actually really cool. It has an awesome blog that is updated pretty much on a daily basis. One of the really awesome things about this site though is that every Friday they have a competition where you can win some amazing Sega merchandise. If you are a Sonic fan like I am you simply must check this site out at least every Friday.


As well as the site giving you the latest on their upcoming games. One of the things that I really loved about this site was the way it felt very fan friendly. It seems like if you have a question you pretty much would get it answered on here. Also they have a really interesting part on the site about the history of the company.


My favorite site from a major game studio that I have visited so far is Much like the Epic site it feels very fan friendly. And it has a perfect balance of having news and information, but there is also some cool stuff you can download for free. In all its just a very well put together site that covers pretty much all you could want in relation to Namco.

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