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The Top Facebook Games of 2013

The days of using Facebook to stalk an ex have dwindled; today, it’s all about checking George Takei’s updates and challenging your friends to compete in the newest games. Facebook passed the 1 billion mark in 2013, and, according to their official blog, users can now challenge any of the 1.2 billion monthly users to any of the big-name or indie games available on the social platform. Which titles proved the most popular? Read on for the high scorers.

Angry Birds

The archetype of the mobile game, Angry Birds remains the biggest and most popular Facebook game to ever hit the market. You can choose any number of their different modes on your social browser, including the classic matchup of birds and pigs or the various spin-offs, such as the Star Wars edition. It’s become so popular that a feature-length film will hit the silver screen in 2016. Facebook users get bonus power-ups and weapons by inviting and challenging friends and followers to see who can better harness the power of gravity to bring down the green pigs.


SimFarm may have been a smash hit instead of a long-forgotten speck on the digital timeline if only it had been released in the age of selfies. FarmVille introduces gamers to the world of agriculture, or at least e-agriculture, by allowing them to do everything from gather chicken eggs to harvest strawberries. The Telegraph reports that 2013 proved to be a net loss for FarmVille, having dropped from a peak of 10 million gamers, but it still remains such a strong draw for Facebook fans that the company was valued at $10 billion on the stock market. Spin-offs such as CityVille have continued the fun for Facebook users, who can recruit friends to gain currency as well as compare statistics and trophies.

Hidden Object Games

For all the frustration that occurs whenever we have to search for our lost keys or phones, you’d never think that a hidden object game would find popularity. Yet against all odds, iWin hidden object games have proved to be a smash hit on social media sites. Players can search for clues in plain sight or hidden behind clandestine objects. Prowl through haunted houses or abandoned pyramids, to solve a mystery or find a fortune. Keep track of how your friends have come with the social sharing function that lets the world know when you’ve found your way to the next chapter in the story.

Bejeweled Blitz

Attention-deficit disorder, thy name is Bejeweled Blitz. Similar to puzzle games before it like Super Tetris Attack, BB makes gamers find a trio of sapphires, diamonds, emeralds, rubies and other gemstones in order to eliminate the stack before it collapses upon their heads. BB launched in 2011 and rocketed up the charts in popularity to its current standing with more than 6 million followers. Similar games like Candy Crush have built on Blitz’s popularity, but the jewel-dazzling game did it first and continues to do it best.

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