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Simple Rules of Rummy Game

The most popular online game of rummy is played all over the world and people love it like crazy. There are many who are regulars and are champions of this game and at the same time, there are others who wish to play this game and thus looking for some guidance. Rummy is easy to learn and play, all you need is regular practice and there would be no looking back. However to master this game you need to play this game regularly and try different variations to make sure that you understand it well. So let us understand the basic rules about this game to make it easy and interesting.


The purpose of this game of rummy is to meld all the cards in a player’s hand to form a Set or Sequence. Sequence is comprised of three or more cards bearing the same suit and in consecutive order. A set is formed of three or four cards that are identical rank and of different suits.

  • At a time 2-6 players can play Rummy and it has 52 cards in a deck which include joker
  • There are four suits in a deck – Hearts, Diamonds, Spades and Clubs
  • There are 13 cards in a suit – A, 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10, J, Q, K
  • One deck of cards is used between 2 players but when four to six players are playing then 2 decks are used
  • Each player deals with 13 cards
  • An important element of Indian Rummy is that players must have at least to sequences and if jokers are in play then at least one of these should be natural or pure sequence ( no joker or wild card)
  • Dealer deals 13 cards to each player and then player picks up open card/card face up or pick up another card from the closed pile.
  • A player can discard a card from the available cards with him/her and place that card (discarded) facing up in front of the other players and then  next players turn begins and so on and so forth
  • In the game when a player is able to meld all his cards and meet all the requirements then only a player can call it a SHOW
  • Before melding, one card needs to place faced down called the Closing card
  • The cards are melded and verified and all others are prompted to meld their cards and then the final scores are declared
  • If the meld is inaccurate then the player who showed gets 80 counts and is dropped out of the game
  • In the game of Indian Rummy at least one Sequence or a SET without a joker which is sometimes is considered as a Life 1 while another Sequence or SET is mandatory which may or may not include Joker is called Life 2
  • If all the cards in the stock pile are used then all other cards in the discarded pile and those in the early drops are mixed and shuffled to form a new stock pile
  • After the game concludes, dealer will tally up the value of each player’s unmatched cards
  • Winner earns ZERO as count

There are many other rules depending upon the format of the game and at different online rummy games websites which one may check prior to starting playing. However moreover the rules for the game are moreover similar offering a complete package of fun.


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