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Nintendo Switch: The Good, The Bad and The Unknown

Nintendo announced details of their latest console, the Nintendo Switch and now the internet is a buzz with all things switch. If you can’t be bothered to sit through the one and a half hour presentation then here is everything you need to know.

Nintendo Switch Overview

Release Date:

  • Out March 3rd 2017
  • 2x Boxed System Including grey and coloured variations

Nintendo Switch Price:

  • £279.99 / $299.99

Nintendo Switch Online Services:

  • Multiplayer gaming
  • Free Trial for 6 months
  • Paid Service starts in fall 2017
  • Removed region locking


Hardware Elements for the Nintendo Switch Include:

  • Nintendo Switch Dock
  • Nintendo Switch Console
  • Joy Con Grips (either in grey or blue and red)
  • Both have left and right shoulder buttons which double as connectors
  • Motion control enabled
  • AR Camera for games
  • NFC reader for Amibo
  • Capture buttons for screenshots and videos
  • Come in Blue and red colour variations
  • Wrist straps available (in various colours)
  • HD Rumble for improved sensory feelings
  • USB and mains charger
  • BUT: Pro controller sold separately

Play Styles:

  • TV Mode – Just plug and play
  • Tabletop mode – Using the rear kickstand
  • Handheld Mode – With Joy-Con controllers that attach on the left and right
  • Battery Life – 2.5 – 6.5 hours
  • Wifi Enabled for multiplayer – 8 can be connected


Nintendo Switch Games on Show:

1.2. Switch

Face-to-face interaction party game looking to make the most of the motion controller. Players battle it out in cowboy style shoot outs, sword fighting, dancing, and table tennis set to be a “A staple for parties”.


Boxing game with a colourful cartoon art style in which players has spring loaded stretchable arms. Thrusting the controller own throws a punch whilst twisting the controller bends it the the left of right. This actually looks like a lot of fun.

Splatoon 2

The paint filled turf war is back, but the with additional weapons, special weapons and all new battle arenas. Thankfully, the Pro Controller can now be used and the sequel offers both local multiplayer and online play (due out this summer).

Super Mario Odyssey 

Mario is Back in Super Mario Odyssey. The worlds favourite plumber travels outside of the Mushroom Kingdom with is all-new talking hat. The mechanics on show included a new hat throwing move in which it becomes a stepping stone across large areas, riding on large cartoon animals, huge boss battles and a selection of crazy cartoon lands mixed with real world style locations. This is set to be released just before Christmas 2017.

Xenoblade 2

This JRPG Looked big, emotional and full of dialogue. If you like that kind of thing.

Fire Emblem Warriors

This was basically a sneak preview of a sword being grabbed by an unknown hand… Not very exciting

3rd Party Developers

Apparently Nintendo have over 80 Games currently in Development by 3rd Party Developers which included

  • Square Enix – Dragon Quest 10 & 11
  • Square Enix – Dragon Quest Heroes
  • New Atlus Game
  • Square Enix – Project Octopath Traveller (2D RPG)
  • Sega – Say they will make games for the hardware
  • Bethesda – Skyrim
  • Grasshopper – Travis Touchdown is Back in a yet un-named game sequel in the No More Heroes franchise
  • EA – FIFA 2017

The Games Montage

A games montage included various titles that included both new and old titles.

  • Sonic
  • MarioKart
  • Rayman
  • Dragonball Z
  • Just Dance
  • Classic Street Fighter 2
  • Minecraft
  • 1080 Snowboarding 2
  • Skylanders
  • Lego City
  • Mii games
  • Bomberman
  • NEO racing

Final Thoughts:

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild gameplay trailer was played to close the show culminating in the launch date: March 3rd 2017 – This looks to be the best reason to get the system at launch.


Problems/Challenges of the Nintendo Switch:

  • Cost is high compared to the recently reduced Xbox & Playstation 4
  • A 32GB hard drive is ridiculous (Zelda will take up half of this storage)
  • The suggestion that the online service only give users one old SNES game per month (on loan)
  • Likely to suffer the same lack of games as previous consoles
  • The Pro controller is currently at $60
  • The ‘charging’ grip is sold separately
  • No indication that your previous digital purchases will carry across
  • No sign of a new Bayonetta game


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