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Building Your Purple Gaming Setup

Purple gaming setups look amazing and are so in fashion right now. But to get the look, you might be surprised that not everything in your gaming setup has to be purple. By using selected lighting and purple visual cues to can get the look with minimal effort.


The Cheap Parts To Turn Your Gaming Set Up Purple


Purple Backlighting | LED Strip £20

2 metres of purple low power LEDs give that purple glow that looks amazing behind any monitor.

Purple Light Up Keyboard £17

This stunning backlit gaming keyboard for gamers comes in three colour variations (should you fancy a change).


Purple Ceiling Tubing | £20

The iNextStation neon LED strip light is made up of 600 LEDs with side-brightness design so they can wrap around your ceiling in style.


Purple Neon Signage

purple Neon

Finish the look with some purple neon wall art to help the colour purple just POP off the walls.

Purple Gaming Headset


Accessories will be key to unite the different elements, so look at purple gaming headsets like these from Sades.



The Expensive Items to Finish Off Your Purple Gaming Set Up


The Purple Gaming Case For Your PC

This case makes any level of PC look the business. With tempered glass, multiple fans and LEDs, this is a fantastic case that will fit in your purple gaming set-up perfectly.


The Purple Gaming Chair


Enjoy your new purple space in comfort with this black and purple gaming chair from JL Comfurni.



Purple Gaming Set Ups

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