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Easiest Method for Making Gold in SOM

Want to learn the basics of World of Warcraft Classic gold making? Using it will help you improve your money-making skills. We have found that some methods work exceptionally well, as well as one of the easiest ones is given below. Although this site doesn’t cover the meta-game aspects of moneymaking, you’ll still find some basic tips and tricks.

Skinning is a professional way

Gathering in WoW Classic SOM Gold is by far the most accessible profession because it does not let you go out of your way to make it work. You should also Skin beasts to increase your profits. The process is simple and serves as a great source of pocket money during leveling; Skinning retains its status as the highest gold-making profession at the end-game. Skinning has the benefit of making you money right away (even Light Leather sells well). In addition, no matter how mediocre the farm location is, it will turn into an excellent one when you have Skinning since almost every Beast you defeat drops an additional item – Leather or Hide.

Check out these Skinning spots, some of which are even worth checking even when leveling:

-League of Explorers was conducting excavations at the Wetlands Excavations until they encountered a slight raptor issue. There are a lot of skinnable beasts on this site that make great medium leather. The mobs are close together, and even if you don’t have Skinning, they have decent loot tables. At 25, it is available.

The Western Swamp of Sorrows – Despite being a great disappointment for private server players (Swamp Jaguars are much less profitable than privs claim), these parts of the Swamp are still a great source of Heavy Leather. Even if you don’t have Skinning, it’s a good place to check out; don’t expect it instantly if you need leather. This general region has Swamp Jaguars. For this spot to be effective, you need at least level 35.

Felwood is one of the places that are much more profitable after Skinning has been done due to its less than optimal circumstances. All skinnable beasts in the entire zone have a decent chance of dropping valuable Rugged Leather or less sought-after, yet still marketable Thick Leather. There are multiple farming spots in Felwood, many of which focus on humanoids and cloths (more on that later), however, when it comes to Skinning, you’ll want to focus on Bears, and you’ll find them. It’s recommended for you to have at least level 52.

Eastern Plaguelands – The favorite zone of Warcraft III fans features some of the best Rugged Leather farming opportunities (Monstrous Plaguebats in northern zones have an 80% chance of dropping one when skinned). Skinning can be profitable if you are level 56 or above.

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