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Does Gaming Hurt Ambition And Motivation?

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Most of us wish we had more ambition in life. We see people go after and achieve their goals, seemingly with ease and unlimited energy. We may wonder what is wrong with us or why we can’t muster up the same ambition to achieve our goals and dreams as well. 

While lacking ambition does not mean something is wrong with you, it can be a significant barrier to creating the life you want. In some cases, the roadblock to ambition is the habits and hobbies that we spend most of our energy on. Is gaming one of these habits that hurts ambition? Read on to learn more about ambition and how it is affected by gaming habits. 

What Is Ambition?

Ambition is simply the drive to achieve a particular goal or dream. It is the energy that is required to take the necessary steps to reach your goals. Without ambition, you will have little energy or desire to take any action and daydream about your perfect life rather than working to create it. 

Ambition is a fairly neutral term but can have some negative connotations with it. Many people associate ambition with businesspeople who will do anything (even actions that are illegal or immoral) to get what they want. Because of this, they may frown upon this term and, consequently, stop themselves from exhibiting any ambition at all.

However, ambition is a neutral term that can be used for ethical goals, immoral goals, or neutral goals. Ambition itself is not a harmful concept. How you use it defines whether it is a positive or negative force in your life. 

Conversely, a lack of ambition is also frowned upon as this deficit makes a person seem like they are lazy. People who daydream but rarely take action lack ambition. People with no goals but have a great dissatisfaction with their life lack ambition. Therefore, in order to create positive change in your life, ambition is necessary. 

So ambition tends to get a bad reputation based on these misconceptions. Nevertheless, it is a crucial force you need if you wish to achieve any significant goals or dreams. 

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The Relationship Between Video Games And Ambition

Unfortunately, there does seem to be a negative correlation between ambition and gaming. It seems that people who play video games frequently struggle with their motivation or to find purpose and meaning in their lives. 

However, keep in mind that occasional gameplay is nothing to worry about. Playing for a few hours each week to unwind can help to keep gaming a healthy habit. The problem occurs when video games become an addiction. People who are addicted to video games use them to escape from their emotions or distract them from their problems. As a result, their situations never improve, and life becomes stagnant. This can be demoralizing to experience, so any ambition to change things diminishes. 

Therefore, it is important to play video games more mindfully. Like any hobby or interest, it should not take over your life as that can create a huge imbalance. Instead, make sure you are using games just as a hobby or a way to rewind after a long week. Don’t use games as an escape from your problems. 

If life is difficult, you should find ways to improve it or talk to a therapist about your concerns. Creating healthier habits or talking to someone about your problems may help restore some of the energy and ambition that you need to start working towards your dreams.

Final Thoughts On Ambition

It’s no secret that video games are often associated with teenage boys and young men. And while there are many benefits to gaming, there is a growing concern that too much gaming can hurt ambition and motivation. In a recent study, it was found that nearly one-third of gamers in the United States are classified as “pathological” or “addicted.” And while there is no definitive proof that gaming is harmful, there is a growing body of evidence that suggests it can be detrimental to one’s mental health. For example, gaming has been linked to increases in anxiety and depression, and can also lead to social isolation. If gaming is interfering with your ability to function in school or work, it may be time to seek help. There are a number of New Jersey state-funded rehab centers that can help you address your gaming problem.

Unfortunately, video games may hurt ambition when used as an addiction or escape. However, this doesn’t mean you need to give up video games forever. Instead, work to create a healthier balance with your gaming habit and create strict boundaries. Then, use the extra time to make more positive changes in your life. In time, this should help improve your energy and ambition so you can work to achieve your biggest goals. For more tips on how to increase your ambition, check out the link below:

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