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Clever & Funny Gaming Themed Private Number Plates!

Gaming Memes are everywhere on the internet at the moment and is a huge part of the internet and gaming community we know today. So let’s spice this up a bit…

Below we have the 10 most hilarious gaming personalised number plates memes that you can ACTUALLY get on your car, put together by the team at Regtransfers!

These gaming-related number plates won’t just make you laugh out loud, but give you a sense of nostalgia too…

I swear to you it was Lag! IT WAS LAG!!

The Cutest Pink Boi: Everyone’s go-to in Smash Bros

New to FPS Games… results to camping

Watch out Link, those Chickens look angry

Of Course, Nazeem Went to the Cloud District

Surely if the stones said so… it must be true…

You Didn’t Know? Yeah, I took an arrow in the knee. I thought I told you!

WTF BOOYY! You’re not ready…

You’re Doing It Wrong…


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