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The Most Popular Student Video Games

Struggling to choose your next game? Having thoughts of returning to the classics? We have something for you. Though, before you start reading, read this post at – review of, so you know where to find academic help if you decide to start one of these games right away. So, should we dare? Here are the top four most popular student video games you can’t say no to.


 Grand Theft Auto V (GTA 5)

Any modern student with a long passion for gaming is familiar with the GTA series. There is no way that a teenage gamer missed this game for some reason. It was a real phenomenon in a gaming world – bold, creative, vibrant, and unpredictable. Well, it remains so to this day. The most recent addition to the series, GTA 5, has immediately received high praise from reviewers and players. It’s designed in the best traditions of the classical GTA.

As per usual, here you can complete various side missions, follow the main game plot (where you play for three different characters – all part of one criminal circle), and rob banks, which is the main purpose of the game. However, most players don’t just come here for a plot. They come for additional gaming bonuses unique to the GTA world. 

Players choose GTA to test various vehicles, from all kinds of cars and bikes to trains and planes. Though, GTA 5 has truly enhanced players’ ability to interact with Los Santos City, the fictional city where all GTA games take place. Now, you can do various activities in the city, go on hunting, become a gang member, and so much more. The city looks more alive, and so does your gaming experience. 

Call of Duty- Warzone 

Call of Duty: Warzone 

There is hardly any person who hasn’t heard about Call of Duty. This first-person shooter came to the gaming market years ago, winning people over with its realistic approach, interesting (and not too complicated) plot, and strong characters. Over the years, the game creators have improved the main mechanics of the game, its design, and its characters. As a result, they’ve come up with higher diversity of the series, offering realistic and fictional scenarios. Perhaps, the latter is what really makes a difference in the whole series. 

Overall, most tactics and mechanics are pretty similar in each new release. You will go through similar game scenarios, battles, shootouts, and even weapon choices. Play one or two games, and you will find the resemblance between all future releases. However, it’s who you are playing for, in what locations, and the plot that truly makes a difference in the gaming experience. 

The latest release, Warzone, is not much of an exception from this Call of Duty phenomenon. No matter how many games the CoT world comes up with, each new release is just familiar enough to allow a comfortable plot and quick adjustment, but still looks different to remain interesting and somewhat unpredictable. Of course, the Warzone is also praised for a large multiplayer option, where up to 150 players can play during a single game, competing with each other for their survival. 


Forza Horizon 5

Soon after its release, Forza Horizon 5 has become the top-selling game X-box has ever had. That’s just the first single record right off the bat in its first month on the market. More than ten million gamers chose to try this game as soon as it was available. If that’s not popular, what is it? We don’t have that many racing series that keep returning stronger than ever. 

Of course, Forza is more popular among a slightly older generation of gamers, as its first release was back in 2005. As the stats show, the game was able to build quite a loyal fanbase over recent years. Fortunately, they’ve been rewarded with Forza 5 in all its glory.
So, the fifth series is set in fictional Mexico. As per usual, it’s an open world where gamers can drive around, exploring the vast semi-real Mexican land. However, this time, the creators went above and beyond, designing the biggest map in the series. It’s basically twice as big as any previous maps in the game, making the world not just fun to explore but more complicated and, thus, exciting. 

As for the rest of it, the game mostly follows the classical scenario. Players can compete with each other in various races, explore the open world, or follow the plot while being in campaign mode. However, one new addition to the gameplay was the introduction of mini-multiplayer games. You can find random racing challenges on the map and participate in any of them if you wish. 



Of course, Minecraft deserves its place on this list. It’s one of the most popular games among various generations, from very young to adults (very creative ones, should we add). So, it’s a classical sand game where you can create your own world from scratch. Sure, it’s not all you can do there. Players also can fight various monsters, cooperate, and explore endless worlds around them. 

It shouldn’t come as a surprise, though, that Minecraft is quite addictive and can take valuable study time from students sometimes. Fortunately, there is always a way. For example, whoever wrote this edubirdie review back in September, has surely helped thousands of Minecraft players to submit their papers on time. 

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