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Save the galaxy, one patient at a time in hospital management simulator Galacticare

Attention all aspiring space doctors! Face huggers and chest busters are coming out. Get ready to save the galaxy, one patient at a time, in Galacticare – the sci-fi hospital management simulator set to launch in 2023! Developed by Brightrock Games and published by CULT Games, Galacticare promises to be a challenging and immersive game that will put your managerial skills to the test.

In this interstellar adventure, you’ll play as the Director of Galacticare – a pioneering hospital franchise that cures more than it kills. You’ll be tasked with designing and managing fully-functioning hospitals orbiting volcanic planets, deep-space graveyards, and even psychic alien deities. With the help of your trusty assistants – a dejected AI bureaucrat and a tireless janitorial robot named Medi – and a team of eccentric consultants, you’ll navigate a world rife with death and disease to build the best healthcare business in the galaxy!

But this isn’t your average hospital management game. Galacticare’s narrative is rich and offbeat, featuring a ragtag group of characters who will grow and evolve with you as you progress through the story. With complex mechanics and unique treatment technologies like Projectile Medicine, the Xen Garden, and Dream Therapy, you’ll have to upgrade and improve your hospital to keep up with the ever-increasing demands of interstellar healthcare.

Galacticare offers a plethora of challenges, from treating a terrible oil spill to running a hospital in a space prison. With seven distinct alien species to meet and treat, each with their own unique attributes, you’ll need to think on your feet and adapt to unexpected disasters if you want to help Galacticare flourish in a deranged universe.

Optimise patient health, take charge of hiring and firing, and intricately design your hospital to satisfy your particular needs. Invest your profits wisely between research, expansion, and preparation for any unforeseen disasters.

So grab your stethoscope and get ready to explore the final frontier of healthcare. With Galacticare, you’ll be a hero in no time – saving the galaxy, one patient at a time!

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