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VR Review: Propagation: Paradise Hotel | Meta Quest2

It’s worth noting that I love scary games. From that first zombie in Resident Evil, I loved the fact that a video game could create such an emotion. More recently, I wrote about the scariest games of the year that included some modern classics such as The Calisto Protocol and Madison. So you can imagine how happy I was to step into the eerie world of Propagation: Paradise Hotel, a thrilling VR horror game that pays homage to the Resident Evil franchise while delivering its own unique twists.

A Nod to Classic Horror Games

With a setting reminiscent of the iconic Resident Evil mansion, Propagation: Paradise Hotel embraces the slow-burn horror genre. The impeccable sound design and meticulously detailed environments, drenched in gruesome visuals, create an atmosphere that will send shivers down your spine. VR is the perfect platform to deliver a truly immersive horror experience.

Comparisons to its Predecessor:

Propagation: Paradise Hotel marks a departure from its standstill horde shooter predecessor, evolving into a true survival horror game reminiscent of Resident Evil. The game proudly embraces its inspirations while infusing its own unique style. The eerie hotel setting, intertwined with shortcuts and locked doors requiring intricate puzzles to unlock, provides a captivating backdrop for your heart-pounding journey.

Survival Horror at Its Finest

The challenging encounters with tough-to-kill zombies capture the essence of survival horror. Dispatching them temporarily is not enough, as they can rise again if you’re not careful. Only a well-placed headshot can ensure permanent elimination. Alternatively, you can employ a light stealth system to evade unnecessary confrontations, saving precious resources.

A Bite-Sized Adventure with a Cliffhanger:

Propagation: Paradise Hotel may not offer extensive playtime, with its 2-3 hour duration and a cliffhanger ending teasing a second chapter. However, considering its budget price tag, it provides ample value for your money. So, if you’re hungry for a thrilling VR horror experience, don’t hesitate to take the plunge.

VR Immersion & Controls:

As a VR title, Propagation: Paradise Hotel delivers an impressive level of immersion. Playing on the Meta Quest 2 the controls felt intuitive, with a brief tutorial easing me into the mechanics. The inventory system is massive and required a bit of adjustment, but it proved fair and functional. I did accidentally punch the ceiling trying to get the flashlight, so I must have been pretty immersed at the time. The movement is fluid and using the joystick to move worked really well I often found myself mimicking walking with my legs to really get into the experience.

Unleashing Terror in Virtual Reality:

My first foray into the realm of survival horror in VR was nothing short of astounding. Propagation: Paradise Hotel succeeded in keeping me on edge throughout the experience. The atmospheric environments, coupled with well-executed jump scares, heightened the suspense. I found myself gripping the Quest controllers tightly as I cautiously explored each darkened corner, always mindful of lurking threats. The game’s ability to evoke fear in VR takes horror to another level. Every door was a thrilling experience as you guessed if there were zombies in darkened room or toilet cubicles.

Immersive Environments & Charming Sound Design:

Propagation: Paradise Hotel excels at immersing players in its detailed environments. From scattered bodies to dimly lit hallways, it constantly evokes a sense of unease. While the voice acting may fall into the charmingly cheesy category, it adds to the campy nature reminiscent of early Resident Evil titles. The soundtrack and atmospheric sound effects further enhance the overall experience.

Propagation: Paradise Hotel offers a nostalgic puzzle-solving experience akin to old-school Resi games. The graphics and sound are top notch and the fluidity of movement feels natural and immersive. I did encounter a frustrating puzzle with a poorly signposted solution but these are rare. Additionally, the scarcity of zombies in the first half of the game left me craving more intense encounters. However, the game compensates for this with its unique mechanic of zombies reviving after a brief period of being downed, adding an element of tension and strategic gameplay. Overall, Propagation: Paradise Hotel is a strong template for survival horrors on the Meta Quest 2.

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