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Operation Wolf Returns: First Mission – A Nostalgic VR Blast

If you’re a seasoned gamer who spent their youth in arcades during the late ’80s and ’90s, you’re likely to remember the iconic Operation Wolf. Wielding a plastic machine gun, you could feel like Rambo gunning down everyone that ran into your line of sight. When not in arcades, I also had a demo version on Spectrum that came free on a magazine cover (yes, I’m that old) but my favourite home version was the Amiga version as the mouse made shooting so much easier.

Now, Operation Wolf Returns: First Mission VR brings back those thrilling memories in a reboot designed for virtual reality. As I donned my Meta Quest 2 and grasped my virtual weapon, I couldn’t help but feel a surge of anticipation for the action-packed adventure that awaited me.


Recapturing the 80s Action Movie Atmosphere

Hailing back to the original 1987 arcade classic, Operation Wolf Returns: First Mission stays true to its roots while introducing a fresh design and leaderboard features. The game plunges you into a series of six missions set in various environments, from deep jungles to weapon facilities. Armed with four weapon choices and a handful of grenades, you’ll face hordes of enemies and engage in thrilling combat that’ll have you feeling like a true action movie hero. Each weapon has its own unique advantages, but I found myself relying on the assault rifle due to its effectiveness against tough foes.


Saving Hostages and Causing Chaos

The game offers more than just combat; it introduces interactive elements like rescuing hostages, destroying exploding barrels, and collecting power-ups from chickens and pigs. The on-rails nature of the combat is smooth and immersive, and I didn’t experience any motion sickness, which is always a plus for a VR game. Each mission culminates in a boss fight, providing satisfying challenges to test your skills. Operation Wolf Returns: First Mission excels at delivering non-stop action and chaotic gunplay, making it a perfect pick for gamers seeking an adrenaline rush.


A Solid VR Experience with Room for Improvement

While the game kept me entertained and immersed throughout, a few areas could use some fine-tuning. The shotgun, for instance, felt clumsy and underwhelming, and I often opted for the assault rifle instead until I ran out of bullets. Additionally, the game’s brevity might leave some players craving for more. However. it is based on an arcade machine and not Call of Duty and the size of the game perfectly fits that arcade feel. Being able to drop in, play it to completion is great fun. I hope this is the start of many arcade shooters coming to VR as I would love to play Alien: Gun, Lethal Enforcers and Jurassic Park in VR.

Nevertheless, the campaign’s replay value is enhanced by aiming for better ranks based on combo kills, aid kit usage, and damage taken. The survival mode adds further gameplay variety for those seeking a quick and simple challenge.


A Glimpse into the Past with a VR Twist

Operation Wolf Returns: First Mission VR does an fantastic job of reviving the classic arcade shooter with a fresh twist for virtual reality. While it might not be the longest game out there, it fulfills its purpose of delivering action-packed arcade fun. The game’s macho story and never-too-serious approach make it all about the thrill and excitement of relentless gunfire and chaos. Whether you’re an Operation Wolf veteran or a VR enthusiast looking for a fun shooting experience, this game is worth a try.

As I wrapped up my playthrough, I couldn’t help but feel a sense of nostalgia and appreciation for the effort Virtuallyz Gaming put into bringing back this classic title. Operation Wolf Returns: First Mission VR is a lovely surprise that delivers on its promise of intense arcade gunplay and thrilling action. I look forward to more games in this genre and I hope that Virtuallyz Gaming is currently working on Operation Thunderbolt 😉


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