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Mirrored Souls – A Contemplative Puzzle-Platformer of Dual Worlds

I’m absolutely thrilled to share the news about Mirrored Souls, an enchanting puzzle-platformer that’s set to grace our screens on August 23rd. Developed by Short N Sweet Games and The Bricks Studio, this “single-player-coop” adventure promises to be a unique and captivating experience across PC and consoles.


Contemplating Love in a Mirrored World

In Mirrored Souls, we’re introduced to the celestial beings, Ravi and Daru, who find themselves entangled in an impossible love story, residing in mirrored worlds and separated by the fabric of reality. It’s our quest to guide them on their journey to reunite, traversing portals and solving Braid-like puzzles along the way.


The Art of Serenity

The Bricks Studio has meticulously hand-drawn the world of Mirrored Souls, drawing inspiration from the artistic mastery of Studio Ghibli’s movies and the ethereal landscapes of games like Gris and Journey. The result is a breathtakingly beautiful environment that perfectly complements the game’s philosophical narrative.


Control Two Souls as One

A unique aspect of Mirrored Souls is its “single-player-coop” gameplay, where players control both Ravi and Daru simultaneously in a mirrored screen. Coordination is key, as their movements mirror each other despite existing in separate worlds. Navigating these dual realities presents an exciting challenge that I can’t wait to tackle.


An Unrushed Journey

Mirrored Souls embraces a contemplative pace, allowing players to immerse themselves in the story and solve puzzles at their own rhythm. Unlike games that pressure us with time limits, Mirrored Souls invites us to reflect on the main plot and the nature of life and love without rushing us.


Prepare for a Whimsical Adventure

With the launch just around the corner, I’m counting down the days to embark on this whimsical journey filled with puzzles, beauty, and philosophical musings. If you’re a fan of puzzle-platformers that tug at your heartstrings and inspire moments of contemplation, Mirrored Souls is undoubtedly a title worth keeping an eye on. I can already feel the excitement building as I anticipate the magical worlds that await us on August 23rd.

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