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Tech Review: FiFine Ampligame AM8

During this stressful ‘cost of living’ the FiFine’s Ampligame AM8 emerges as a beacon of hope for budget-conscious streamers and gamers. Priced at an attractive $50, this dynamic microphone is a marvel in its category, offering a blend of quality, versatility, and style that defies its modest price tag.


Features and Specifications

Design and Build:

The AM8 is available in three classic tech colors: matte black, matte white, and pastel pink, catering for the dark ones, the Apple stylers or the e-girls. The microphone sports an all-plastic body, paired with a sturdy metal table stand, ensuring both stability and swivel flexibility. With an integrated foam pop filter and a sleek metal mesh covering the capsule, the AM8 is both visually appealing and functionally robust.

Technical Specifications:

Capsules Dynamic, cardioid polar pattern
Frequency Response 50-16,000 Hz
Sensitivity -50 dB
Sample Rate/Resolution 16-bit/44.1-48 kHz
SnR > 80 dB
Connectivity USB-C and XLR, 3.5 mm headphone out
Weight 599 g (with stand)


Connect and Control

One of the most striking features of the AM8 is its dual USB and XLR connectivity, offering versatility for various setups. The touch-sensitive mute button, accompanied by a clear LED indicator, ensures quick and silent operation. The side knobs for microphone gain and headphone volume are subtly integrated, maintaining the sleek design while providing essential control. The RGB lighting system, with its customizable colors and effects, adds a touch of personality to your streaming or gaming setup.

Performance Beyond Expectations

When it comes to performance, the AM8 doesn’t miss a beat. The dynamic capsule with a cardioid pickup pattern excellently captures voice with clarity and warmth, minimizing room noise effectively. This makes it ideal for solo recordings or streaming sessions. The real-time monitoring feature ensures that you are always in control of your audio output.


A Breeze to Setup

The unboxing experience is straightforward and satisfying. Along with the microphone and stand, you get a 2.2-meter USB-C to USB Type-A cable and a user-friendly guide. Setting up the AM8 is a breeze, whether you choose the USB path for easy plug-and-play or the XLR route for more advanced setups.

A Companion for Diverse Creators

The AM8 is not just for gamers and streamers. Its high-quality audio output makes it a great choice for podcasters, YouTubers, and other content creators looking for a reliable yet affordable audio solution. Its compatibility with Windows, macOS, and PlayStation platforms adds to its universal appeal.

A Stellar Choice for the Budget-Conscious

The FiFine Ampligame AM8 stands out as a remarkable option in the budget microphone market. Its combination of quality audio, versatile connectivity, user-friendly features, and stylish design make it a top recommendation for anyone looking to enhance their audio game without breaking the bank. Whether you’re a streamer, gamer, podcaster, or just someone who appreciates good sound quality, the AM8 is an investment you won’t regret.

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