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Airhead: A Journey of Mystery and Discovery

The enchanting world of Metroidvania-style games continues to unfold, and HandyGames, the award-winning publishers of Endling: Extinction Is Forever, are set to introduce a new addition to the genre. Airhead, developed by Octato and Massive Miniteam, is poised to launch on 12th February 2024, captivating players on PC, Amazon Luna, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S with a price tag of $19.99 / €19.99 / £17.49.


Unveiling the Airhead Saga

In the tradition of beloved Metroidvania adventures, Airhead weaves a tale of companionship and discovery. The game unfolds in a post-apocalyptic realm where the symbiotic being Head, torn apart by a mysterious machine, is slowly deflating. In an act of bravery, the unassuming Body takes on the responsibility, merging with Head to form Airhead. As the player, you embark on a race against time to find the elusive machine and save Head at any cost.


Artistry in the Apocalypse

Airhead boasts a visually stunning art style, juxtaposing bold colors with bleak shadows. The 2.5D platform experience immerses players in an interconnected world reminiscent of classic Metroidvania landscapes. Each environment is meticulously crafted, encouraging exploration and discovery.


Puzzles and Challenges

The heart of Airhead lies in its challenging puzzles, intricately designed to exploit the unique mechanics of a detachable head filled with air. To keep Head alive, players must leverage the environment, technology, and various air tanks. As you delve into dark caverns and ancient ruins, upgrades and abilities reveal themselves, unlocking new areas and puzzles.


A Tale of Responsibility and Revelation

The narrative of Airhead unfolds as a personal story, delving into themes of companionship, discovery, and responsibility. As players navigate through the mysterious world, encountering creatures and machines that may aid or hinder their journey, the connection between Head, air tanks, and the world’s technology begins to unravel.

Christopher Kassulke, Co-Founder & CEO at HandyGames, expressed excitement for players to experience the inventive and darkly beautiful world of Airhead. With its captivating artwork and intriguing mechanics, Airhead promises to be a unique addition for fans of Metroidvania-style adventures.

Airhead arrives on PC (STEAM/GOG/EPIC), PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S on 12th February 2024, priced at $19.99 / €19.99 / £17.49. Versions for PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch will follow at a later date. Prepare to embark on a journey shrouded in mystery and illuminated by discovery.


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