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Review: The Mobius Machine | Xbox

As a dedicated researcher into the Metroidvania realm (as I am making one myself),, I was excited to delve into The Mobius Machine, a gorgeous looking title that marries the best of sci-fi exploration with classic gameplay mechanics. Set in a captivating universe filled with mysterious creatures, puss filled globules and plenty of danger, this is my review of The Mobius Machine.

morbius machine screenshots

A Blast from the Past

Right from the start, The Mobius Machine channels the spirit of classic Metroid titles, embracing the sci-fi aesthetic and gameplay elements that made the genre so beloved. As an astronaut stranded on a hostile alien planet, players must navigate treacherous terrain, explore an abandoned station, battle fearsome foes, and uncover the secrets of this strange world.

morbius machine screenshots

Familiar Mechanics with a Twist

Fans of Hollow Knight, Ghost Song, and the Castlevania series will feel right at home in The Mobius Machine. With its tight controls, satisfying combat, and interconnected world ripe for exploration, the game captures the essence of what makes Metroidvanias so compelling. The higher the normal jump suggests a low gravity planet and negates the need for a double jump mechanic which is so common in the genre. A later jetpack mechanic is used to reach those high up places previously out of bound for the vanilla character. As I ventured deeper into the game, I found myself engrossed in the thrill of discovery, eagerly searching for new upgrades and abilities to overcome obstacles. The player can shoot in all directions and new shooting mechanics are added during the game. Bosses are limited to a giant squid at the start of the game which probably served as the end of the demo but was not continued in later levels.

morbius machine screenshots

Challenges Await

However, The Mobius Machine is not without its flaws. The absence of clear guidance and a cumbersome map system can lead to frustrating moments of aimless wandering which is strange because many of the levels literally have sign post posts all over the place. While some may enjoy the sense of mystery and danger that accompanies exploration, others may find themselves overwhelmed by the lack of direction. I ended up having to watch a walkthrough after getting stuck in the training area wondering how to keep going right when I was supposed to go back and down.

morbius machine screenshots

Visual Delights

One aspect of The Mobius Machine that truly shines is its art style. The vibrant 3D visuals bring the alien world to life, immersing players in a visually stunning environment teeming with personality. From quirky creatures to sprawling landscapes, every corner of the game is a feast for the eyes. The animations are smooth and there is little to no loading giving the game a wonderful seamless feel.

Final Verdict

Despite its shortcomings, The Mobius Machine remains a captivating experience for fans of the Metroidvania genre. While it may not revolutionise the formula, it offers a solid foundation with plenty of potential. With its engaging gameplay, drop-dead gorgeous visuals, and fantastic sense of adventure, it’s a journey worth embarking on. A normal play through will take around 12-13 hours and there are more things to collect for those completionists out there. It’s a beautiful game with some lovely animations and could potentially make your top 10 list.

morbius machine screenshots

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