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Embark on an Epic VR Voyage with The Pirate Queen

Lucy Liu Takes the Helm in Singer Studios’ Debut VR Adventure

Prepare to set sail on an unforgettable journey as Singer Studios proudly announces the release of their debut game, the captivating narrative adventure “The Pirate Queen: A Forgotten Legend.” Renowned actress Lucy Liu, known for her iconic roles in ‘Charlie’s Angels’ and ‘Kill Bill’, takes centre stage as Cheng Shih, one of history’s most formidable and enigmatic pirates.

The Pirate Queen

A Cinematic VR Experience Like No Other

Step into the shoes of Cheng Shih and immerse yourself in the turbulent waters of the 19th-century South China Sea. Inspired by true events, “The Pirate Queen” offers players a cinematic VR experience that transports them to the pivotal night of Cheng Shih’s rise to leadership of the Red Flag Fleet.

Uncover a Forgotten Tale of Power and Intrigue

“I was unaware of Cheng Shih’s story, however, after delving deeper into the material and researching further, I was astonished to learn of her history and the cunning intelligence she wielded to achieve such incredible power,” remarked Lucy Liu, who also serves as executive producer. “The revelation that this narrative unfolds within a virtual realm, yet is rooted in genuine historical events, carries profound significance.”

The Pirate Queen

Stealth, Exploration, and Rich Historical Detail

“The Pirate Queen” captivates players with breathtaking environments, compelling narrative, and historically accurate settings. With a focus on stealth and exploration, players navigate through enemy waters, scale rival ships, and uncover the forgotten tale of Cheng Shih in a richly detailed world.

An Immersive Journey Through History

Driven by a desire to illuminate Cheng Shih’s journey as a pioneering leader, Singer Studios has garnered critical acclaim for their extensive historical research and immersive gameplay. Honored with prestigious awards such as the Tribeca Storyscapes Award and the Raindance Discovery Award, “The Pirate Queen” sets the stage for an expansive franchise, including a graphic novel, film, and TV series.

The Pirate Queen

A Tribute to International Women’s History Month

“As a female-led studio, we’re incredibly proud to be launching the game during International Women’s History Month,” said executive producer Eloise Singer. “It marks the beginning of The Pirate Queen universe, and I’m hugely excited to be working with Lucy to expand the story into various visual mediums.”

Prepare to Set Sail

Join Lucy Liu and the team at Singer Studios on an epic voyage into the heart of piracy, courage, and leadership. Download “The Pirate Queen: A Forgotten Legend” now on Meta Quest and Steam for an immersive VR experience like no other.

The Pirate Queen

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