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Explore the Enchanting World of Botany Manor

Uncover the Mysteries of Arabella Greene’s Botanical Haven

Embark on a botanical adventure like no other with Botany Manor, the enchanting debut title from Balloon Studios. Set to bloom on PC, and Consoles on April 9, 2024, this captivating game invites players to step into the serene world of retired botanist Arabella Greene and unlock the secrets of her magnificent manor.

Botany Manor

Pre-Order Now on Xbox!

Secure your place in the gardens of Botany Manor by pre-ordering your copy on Xbox today. Dive into a world of plant-based puzzles and botanical wonders as you explore the lush landscapes and historic halls of Arabella’s estate.

Botany Manor

Delve into Arabella’s Botanical World

Join Laure De Mey, lead developer at Balloon Studios, as she guides us through one of the captivating puzzles awaiting players in Botany Manor. Discover the secrets of the rare Pixie Tears flower and learn the intricate steps needed to make it bloom in Arabella’s verdant sanctuary.

Botany Manor

A Botanical Journey Awaits

Step into the shoes of Arabella Greene and embark on a journey of discovery as you unravel the mysteries of Botany Manor. Explore meticulously crafted rooms, gardens, and greenhouses, piecing together clues from Arabella’s notes and items scattered throughout the manor to revive forgotten flora.

Botany Manor

Key Features:

  • Immersive Exploration: Lose yourself in the tranquil surroundings of Botany Manor, meticulously rendered to capture the beauty of a 19th-century estate.
  • Interactive Puzzles: Engage with a variety of objects scattered throughout the manor, using them to unlock the secrets of Arabella’s botanical collection.
  • Compelling Narrative: Uncover Arabella’s life story and the challenges she faced as a pioneering female scientist, adding depth to your botanical adventure.
  • Soothing Soundtrack: Immerse yourself in the calming melodies that accompany your journey, perfectly complementing the serene atmosphere of Botany Manor.
Botany Manor

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