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GIVEAWAY: Game Graphic Giveaway for Indie Devs

The Gaming Debugged blog has been on a roll recently and it’s been great to see our readership grow and grow. From the latest OUYA news to a look back at the making of Tetris, we have lifted rocks and climbed the peaks of the gaming world. The future only looks to get better as we have lots of articles in the pipeline and our review of the PAX gaming conference this weekend. To celebrate this and to give something back to our readers we are running a Giveaway competition thing to win a game graphic gift card from

The gift card means you can get access to over 100 products on the Graphic Buffet website including characters, backgrounds, weapons and assets which will speed up the game development process as well as give you editable files to manipulate to create truly personalised game graphics.
First out of the proverbial hat will receive a $50 Gift Card, the second will get a $25 Gift Card and the third will get a $10 Gift card.


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