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Online Gaming and Blogs: Stay in the Loop

Over the last decade blogs have become the go-to for personal opinion on a wide variety of topics. And it’s no different for online gaming. There’s always a dedicated hobbyist out there who will be able to give you accurate reviews and up-to-date knowledge. I’ve gone on a search for the best of the bunch and here’s what we found:



One of the most reliable sources for all your gaming needs on the web. Gamespot provides games news, in-depth reviews, and even strategy guides. Needless to say, its online gaming blog is a great resource too, with previews of hotly-anticipated titles and analysis of a huge range of titles from Age of Empires and World of Tanks, to Team Fortress 2 and League of Legends.


Casual Girl Gamer

Casual Girl Gamer does exactly what it sets out to do: “a blog dedicated to bringing you the best causal games that can be played online for free”. It’s a packed market out there with some truly outstanding free online games that blow many paid-for games out of the water, like Planetside 2. This blog has round-ups of the best online games, opinion pieces like “Ten More Games That Will Make You Think About Life”, and handpicks a great selection to review, including, most recently, Lume and The Tiny Bang Story.



The team at just makes me laugh. The website may be packed to the gills with news, reviews, previews and features but the team that appear on the videos and chat on the Podcast every fail to bring a smile to my face. The site is easy to use and the forums are always busy. As you would expect, they report on all the major events and you really get the feeling that this site is a gaming website run by gamers, for gamers.



This is the ‘daddy’ of all gaming websites as it has a presence on both sides of the pond and is updated more often than you can read and not only covers games but also movies, comics and a tonne of other topics. IGN tends to get the exclusives when it comes to interviews and previews and has a wealth of reviews to aid your game-choosing requirements.



Kotaku is a no-nonsense gaming blog that offers knowledgeable and intelligent commentary on games and the gaming industry. They are great at getting news first and have been the first to leak a whole host of stories from the gaming world. Their opinion is respected among the gaming community and should be a staple on any gamers reading list.

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