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10 Games That Will Give You Goosebumps this Halloween

For many, Halloween is a time of colorful costumes, party food, and general merriment, but should you yearn for the darker side of this Pagan celebration why not dabble in the dark arts of survival horror and play our pick of the best horror games of recent times:


Amnesia: Machine for pigs

This is the second game in the surreal Amnesia universe and whilst it’s not as good as The Dark Decent, the bar was set so high that it would have been tough to beat it. The machine for pigs, however, is still as scary as hell and will have you on the edge of hour seat and physically moving you body to look around corners. The story is set on New Year’s Eve in 1899 and you wake from months of illness and fever to find yourself in your abandoned home. You must seek out your two children and piece together what has happened over the previous months.


Metro: Last Light

Based in the dark universe of Metro 2033, the story takes place one year after the events of 2033 where Artyom called a missile strike on the Dark Ones. This time around we met a Dark One child whom you must protect throughout this eerie game full of spooky houses and dark corners.


Dementium 2

People don’t usually associate the Nintendo DS with survival horror but Dementium 2 delivers on all the jumps and frights of its console counterparts. After surviving your nightmares in the initial game you wake 5 weeks later in the dirty abandoned Bright Dawn Treatment Centre only to discover that your nightmares have followed you.


Slender: The Arrival

There is nothing worse than being stalked by an eerie thin guy and a little girl in a forest when you are armed only with a flashlight. Luckily for you though, the flashlight can subdue the little girl that follows you around but don’t look at the Slender man as your TV will freak out and you are likely to wet yourself.



Released last month on PC, this haunting psychological thriller sees photojournalist Miles Upshur plunged deep into the depths of an overrun mental institution where you are continually attacked, locked up, thrown around, and generally man-handled as you try and escape both the inmates and an the supernatural force known as the Walrider.


Siren Blood Curse

This may be the oldest release on the list but as it was hugely underrated many gamers are still to enjoy the horror that is Siren Blood Curse. After intervening in a sacrificial murder in a small rural village in Japan you are prompted hounded by both the living and the undead before you are shot in the chest and nearly drowned. Throw into the mix the birth of a god and a crazy time loop and you have the perfect balance of fear and confusion.


The Last Of Us

Wow! If you haven’t already played this game then you need to. With stunning graphics, amazing voice acting, and overall beautiful direction, this survival horror will have you glued to your screen. Set in a post-apocalyptic future, you play Joel, a deliveryman tasked with escorting the young Ellie, who is believed to be the key to curing the infection to the resistance group. Beyond that, I will let you find out for yourself, as this game is a roller coaster of emotion from start to finish.


Penumbra: overture

Almost as old as Siren Blood Curse, this 2008 classic mixes survival horror with mind-bending puzzles. This game is different from many as it has no firearms and players must use blunt objects and throwable items to fend off the people and animals trying to kill them. Players can close doors, move desks, and stack boxes to block your enemies onslaught giving the fear a much more realistic edge.


Deadly Premonition: Directors Cut

The two lessons to learn from this game is don’t go to Greenvale and beware of red seeds. Throughout this game, you will investigate a slew of murdered women who are all linked by these red seeds. Dig deeper and you discover a copycat killer, biological warfare, cults, and a cross-dressing policeman. All of which combine to create a spin-chilling experience that will leave you feeling on edge.



This indie title was released in September and like Amnesia, it sees the protagonist in various creepy situations surrounded by uncertainty and ambient noise. The scariest points of this game come when you find yourself thrust into horrific situations unarmed making the panic all that more real.

Which game scares you the most?

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