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Fed Up of Your Game Collection? Spice Things up with Open Source Titles

The release of the Xbox One and PS4 late last year saw next-generation gaming finally reach our living rooms. The only problem with these new consoles is the price, they’re both expensive units and the games aren’t cheap either. This has meant many gamers have been late to upgrade their consoles, but that doesn’t mean there’s a lack of new experiences for the avid gamer out there. If money is tight or you’re looking for something new to play it’s always worth trying out a few of the many open-source games that are freely available. Here are some of the best games out there, pick one or pick all of them, it’s up to you.


First Person Shooters

If you are a fan of first-person shooters here are two titles that are worth downloading:

Xonotic is a brilliant futuristic game that really does shine above all the other FPS that is available for free online. The gameplay is really fast so you’ll need to be on your toes, work on your precision and your speed if you want to rule in this game. The graphics are impressive and the developers have obviously worked really hard to ensure the game looks modern.

Warsow has cartoon-styled graphics and it’s based on the Quake II engine. It’s similar to Xonotic in that it requires you to be fast and accurate, so expect to be a bit frustrated until you master the game. It’s competitive offering hours of multiplayer action. If you’re into arena shooting this is one to add to your download list.



Speed Dreams has all the features you’d expect from a racing game, offering loads of cars and plenty of tracks. The developers continue to work behind the scenes so the graphics and the physics of the game are always improving. This is a polished title, with great weather conditions, stunning skins for the car and plenty of work has been put into the shadows and sounds.

VDrift has been in development for over eight years and there’s a huge team behind it, ensuring it remains modern and complete. VDrift uses the Vamos physics engine and it’s a great polished racer that will keep you entertained for hours. There are 39 real cars, 45 tracks and the AI is extremely competitive.


Real Time Strategy

0 A.D started life ten years ago and it has grown into a stunning title that really shows how incredible open source games can be. There’s a huge community of gamers so if you need help and support it’s always there for you to tap into. The graphics are stunning, there are amazing effects, and an advance AI with civilizations set in amazing settings with trees, mountains, rivers and seas all against incredible backdrops. 0 AD isn’t completed but it is seriously the best RTS game out there.

MegaGlest is an evolution of Glest, offering new tribes, buildings and a whole load of new features including online multiplayer. This is a stable RTS that provides new players with plenty of tutorials to teach you the skills you need to go up against difficult AI opponents that will challenge all the best gamer’s abilities.



If you’re into massive multiplayer online role-playing games you’ll want to check out:

Lips of Suna is set in the dungeons of Suna. There are five races in the world that all have the goal of saving the world. There are quests to solve, creatures to fight and plenty of places to explore. You can create your own custom items and you can do all this with the help of your online allies. The recent update has improved the user interface and graphics, making it a real pleasure to play.

PlaneShift immerses you in a 3D fantasy world which contains no premium content. You have free reign to build your skills, abilities, items and tank. You explore the world and increase your knowledge, picking up tips from the NPCs as you go along. You’re able to chat, explore, use weapons or magic and evolve your character.

All of these titles can be easily accessed online from a torrent website for example. They are open source and yet the gaming experience isn’t hampered. So if you’re really looking to expand your gaming library and build on your gaming skill there’s no need to dig deep in your wallet. Just check out the incredible titles mentioned above and explore what other top-notch titles are out there.

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