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10 Beautiful Xbox One Games To Show Off Your HDTV

HDTV’s and gaming go hand-in-hand, whether you are using a web browser to have a flutter online at such places as or blasting your way through a zombie horde is Dead Rising or Dying Light. Thankfully the Xbox One is an all-in-one entertainment system with web browsing, Blu ray playback and of course 1080p high definition gaming. So if you are looking to take advantage or your big screen then heres a few titles that really push the boundaries.


Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes

The Metal Gear Solid franchise has been setting the bar when it comes to graphical advancement for generations. This began with the original PlayStation and the fifth entry continues this trend. Blending its usual mix of stylish character design and cinematic flair, Ground Zeroes is another visual treat and brims with tiny details.




Nominated for an award for ‘Excellence In Visual Art’ at the Independent Games Festival, Guacamelee is a vibrant and dynamic visual treat. Consisting of bold colours, harsh lines and smooth animation, playing Guacamelee is like zipping through a Japanese manga book.



Child of Light

Reminiscent of forgotten GameCube exclusive Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean, Child of Light features breath-taking hand-drawn visuals that gift this RPG experience with a unique look and feel. Akin to walking through a beautifully realised fairytale, Child of Light is clearly a labour of love.




Titanfall is a colossal game with equally gigantic visuals. The carnage comes thick and fast yet Titanfall’s animation never falters. Watching the sublimely designed robots rip apart the equally detailed scenery is a pleasure to witness. Whilst not subtle or even beautiful, Titanfall’s big, bad and brash style is artful in its own way.




This was perhaps unfairly criticised for many aspects upon its release. If there is one area of Bungie’s new game that had critics gushing in agreement, it was the visuals. Featuring the same knack for fully-realised sci-fi worlds as Halo, Destiny’s universe is one of dynamic scenery and inventive design.



Dead Rising 3

The Dead Rising series has always filled the screen with as many flesh-eating zombies as possible. But the third entry really packs them in. What is so impressive about Dead Rising 3’s visuals is not so much the sheer amount going on but how each zombie retains personality and individuality.


Grand Theft Auto V

Rockstar’s most famous series rarely gets the acclaim it deserves for its visuals. Perhaps not the most beautiful looking of games, Grand Theft Auto V still infuses its trashy aesthetic with flashes of humour. This comes along with touches of realism and an abundance of style.


Assassin’s Creed IV

Set mainly at sea, Assassin’s Creed IV features the most stunning water effects ever seen in a videogame. Whether it be the spray bursting over the deck, the sloshing of the sea beside the docks or the waves crashing against the rocks, Assassin’s Creed IV gets every refraction of light.


Wolfenstein: The New Order

Wolfenstein: The New Order was on of the first titles to run at 1080p and 60 frames per second . As such it looks fantastic on the big screen. Sure the levels are grey and dreary but that post-Nazi London, but the characters, castles, sewers and explosions sure do look pretty on a 50″ TV.


Killer Instinct

This killer 2D/3D fighter features some of the most fluid and kinetic animation of this console generation. The art design is naturally strong, as are the pre-rendered backgrounds. But it is the way these characters spring, snap and swivel around each other that truly impresses. The developers made a decision to run at 720p but with 60 fps meaning the fighters punch, kick and jump at lightning speeds.

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