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90’s Games You Can Play On Your Xbox One Now

2015 is year that back to the future said we would be flying around on hoverboards, wearing self tying shoes and watching 3D movies at the Cinema… Whilst this is almost a reality in terms of there are 3D movies, there is a prototype hoverboards called the Hendo and Nike are going to release power laces this year it does feel like the future that movie envisioned. In back to the future Marty McFly also played wild gunman on an arcade machine. This eighties shooter was supposed to be retro but looking at the games currently on Xbox One you’ll be forgiven in thinking it’s the 90’s…



Strider is a classic that has been lovingly resurrected on the Xbox One. Players take control of young Strider Hiryu as he hacks and slashes his way through sprawling levels from a futuristic metropolis to an arctic base. Progression is slow but satisfying as you upgrade your sword (known as Cypher) as well as unlock new skills and athletic abilities. The game stays true to the original and stays on the 2D axis and boss battles range from saucy female ninjas to huge flying robot snakes. A very satisfying reboot.

Another World Xbox One

Another world

Now celebrating its 20th Anniversary, Another World is a milestone in gaming history. The story revolves a young professor who decided to run his particle accelerator in a storm and was subsequently transported to another world. The game has a cinematic feel from its initial intro sequence all the way up tip its climactic end. Death comes quickly and often and you will find yourself having to do a lot of trial and error before successfully completing it. It’s not without it’s control issues but its a fun trip down memory lane that will award you 900 gamer points just for completing it.



Resident Evil Remastered

The game that launched a thousand sequels… well 25 and a few ‘remastered’ variations. However, the remastered original on Xbox One has to be up there as one of the best. The horror movie style camera angles, the limited number of save points and inventory slots, the zombies, the monsters and the puzzles all combined to create a scare-fest that was un-matched at the time. Obviously you will have to go back to the old-fashioned tank controls (you can try the new method but I wouldn’t recommend it) but there is a lot of fun to be had back at the Spencer mansion… if you dare.


Killer Instinct (Classic)

Whilst there is a newer, shinier version of this classic beat-em-up online for free, why not feed your nostalgia and go back to the original Killer Instinct and re-live your arcade glory days. The game features around 12 amazingly varied and colourful characters that range from a sword wielding skeleton to a velociraptor.


Worms Armageddon

OK, so Worms Armageddon isn’t a 90’s game but a worms game is a worms game and the latest iteration looks and feels very similar to the original. Armageddon enjoys updated high definition cartoon visuals and the slew of new weaponry as well as various new modes. If it has been a while since you ninja-roped your way across a landscape only to Dragon Punch your enemy into the sea then why not pick up Worms whilst it is free on Xbox Live Gold.

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