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Why do People Like Card Games?

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It is a fact that whenever people get bored or need to pass the time, they always look for an easy solution through which they can entertain them self, as well as a pass the time. Card games have always been a very popular in India as well as all over the world. It is a favourite pastime that is enjoyed by people from all walks of life and one can easily spot commuters in trains, buses in India, housewives gathering for a kitty party or a get together, retired people in clubs, people sitting in parks during their lunch break or friends who meet in the evening just to play a game of Rummy. One thing is for sure that its popularity is increasing with each passing day and there is no stopping to it.

One thing that constantly strikes everyone’s mind is that what makes this card game so popular and what is there in it that people love to play it as and when they get time. Well, in this case, the simplest answer to this is that it is easy to play and one can play anywhere anytime and does not need to carry heavy gadgets or anything else to play this. Just a pack of cards which can be easily carried in a pocket or in a bag is all you need and you are set to play a game of rummy with your friends or social mates. It is popular as it is fun playing with friends and family and now it is legal to play even online in India. With technology making its impact in our life almost in everything and the internet transforming things and the way we used to work. Now many players prefer to play rummy online and being a legal card game it is fun to play for cash rewards and other prizes. In fact with so many websites offering online rummy games with an amazing bonus on sign up and great prizes and rewards as win have made the game of rummy more popular.


It is still a mystery where the card games originated but it has spread all over the world in no time. Indian Rummy has many variations such as points, pools or deals. It is indeed a perfect game to play with a group of friends or family members and even strangers when you are travelling. But rummy is a skill based game where one needs to have complete knowledge about rules on how to play Indian Rummy?  Many websites offer amazing variations of rummy game where one can play online for free or cash. In addition to this gambling has always been of great prominence in Indian culture and anything related to this has always caught people’s attention in large. A lot of players even think that it is the easiest way to get rich and earn huge money. However, everyone would agree that the beauty of Rummy is that no matter how skilled and experienced you are but chances of you losing a game to a new player is also high. It is a game of skill and luck so it is always suggested that play rummy for fun.

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