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Mantis Burn Racing Releases First DLC

Back in October, I got my hands on Mantis Burn Racing from Voo Foo Studios and I loved it. A fusion of Micro Machines or Super Skidmarks all brought loving up to date with beautiful high resolution graphics all running at 1080p 60fps.

The four player split screen is perfect for frantic couch co-op action and should you have no friend to play with then the 20 hour campaign has nine different race types to keep you busy.

When I looked at Mantis Burn Racing Back in October, Sean Walsh from Voo Foo Studios did say that they had an extensive roadmap of addition content. Even before release, they suggested that it would be a mix of paid and free content.

Now, six months after release we see the first DLC packs. The free-to-download ‘Snowbound Pack’ brings a brand-new snow-themed race environment to the game, featuring four uniquely challenging new tracks. The ‘Snowbound Pack’ also significantly extends the game’s single-player campaign by adding season’s two and three of the Veteran Class career, with 34 extra events to complete.

The new paid DLC comes in the form of a brand-new Class of ‘Elite’ vehicles. The futuristic hover cars replace wheels for fans and come complete with their own stand-alone career campaign. The new vehicles literally fly round the courses at breakneck speed.

It’s great to see the game grow as the developers intended and lets hope this is the first of many updates coming soon.

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