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Robocraft Infinity Launches on Xbox One | 11th April

Portsmouth-based Freejam announced the release of their highly anticipated multiplayer robot-building and battling action game – Robocraft Infinity. What is more, it will launch exclusively for Xbox One on 11th April.

Unusually, the console debut will also be the first game from the ID@Xbox program that is available to all Xbox Game Pass members on the same day it launches worldwide.

“We’ve designed Infinity from the ground-up to be the best Robocraft experience available on any platform,” explained producer, Luis Dellinger. “When Microsoft approached us to release Robocraft Infinity into Xbox Game Pass and thus open it up to entirely new audiences on Xbox at launch that may otherwise not experience the game, we jumped at the opportunity.”


This all-new Robocraft experience empowers players to build amazing-looking robots and march them into battle against fellow creators online. Machines include jet cars, tanks, flying warships, helicopters, drones, dinosaurs, scorpions – anything is possible to build thanks to the game’s innovative block-based building system and easy-to-use Bodybuilder chassis creator.

Robocraft Infinity features two different 5 vs. 5 game modes to choose from (Team Deathmatch and the capture point-based Battle Arena), no two battles are ever the same as you never know what team of robots you’ll face next. This release also features new controls, overhauled menus optimised for the console experience, rebalanced combat and the Infinite Cube progression system which allows players to place down unlimited versions of any part if they have the design unlocked.


General Questions on Robocraft Infinity

Is Robocraft Infinity 2 Player?

Yes, Robocraft Infinity is a multiplayer game that allows players to engage in battles against one another. With its intense combat mechanics and high levels of customization, the game is perfect for players who enjoy online multiplayer experiences.

Is Robocraft Infinity Split Screen?

Unfortunately, Robocraft Infinity does not support split-screen gameplay. Players can only engage in battles with one another through online multiplayer.

Is Robocraft Infinity Cross Platform?

Yes, Robocraft Infinity is a cross-platform game that can be played on both Xbox One and PC. This allows players to engage in battles with one another regardless of their chosen platform.

Is Robocraft Infinity Dead?

No, Robocraft Infinity is not dead. While the game may not have the same level of popularity as it did when it was first released, it still has a dedicated fan base that continues to play the game and create new robots to engage in battles.

How to Play with Friends in Robocraft Infinity Xbox One?

To play with friends in Robocraft Infinity on Xbox One, players must first add their friends to their Xbox Live friends list. Once this is done, players can create or join a party and invite their friends to join. From there, they can engage in battles together and work to defeat their opponents.


Build Questions on Robocraft Infinity

Does Fire Rate Stack in Robocraft Infinity?

Yes, fire rate stacks in Robocraft Infinity. This means that the higher a player’s fire rate, the faster their weapons will fire. However, it is important to note that there is a limit to how much fire rate can be stacked, so players must be strategic in their upgrades.

How to Upload Robots in Robocraft Infinity?

To upload robots in Robocraft Infinity, players must first create a robot that they want to share. Once the robot is complete, they can save it and then upload it to the game’s servers. To do this, they must select the robot they want to upload and then choose the “Share” option from the menu. From there, they can add a description and tags to make it easier for other players to find.

How to Be a God in Robocraft Infinity Update?

Becoming a “god” in Robocraft Infinity update requires skill, practice, and a bit of luck. To improve their gameplay, players should focus on upgrading their robot with powerful weapons and armor, as well as mastering the game’s mechanics. They should also work on their strategy and teamwork skills, as these are key to succeeding in battles.

How to Get a Speedometer in Infinity Robocraft?

To get a speedometer in Infinity Robocraft, players must first unlock the speedometer block by leveling up. Once the block is unlocked, players can add it to their robot by going to the robot editor and selecting the “Speedometer” block from the list of available blocks. The speedometer will then display the robot’s speed in real-time during gameplay.

How to Make a Flying Robot in Robocraft Infinity?

To make a flying robot in Robocraft Infinity, players should focus on adding wings, thrusters, and other aerial components to their robot. They should also consider the weight of their robot, as heavier robots will require more thrust to lift off the ground. Additionally, players should experiment with different types of wings and thrusters to find the combination that works best for their playstyle.

How to Make a Plane with Propellers in Robocraft Infinity?

To make a plane with propellers in Robocraft Infinity, players should focus on adding propellers and wings to their robot. They should also consider the placement of the propellers, as this will affect the stability and maneuverability of the plane. Additionally, players should experiment with different types of propellers and wings to find the combination that works best for their playstyle.


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