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How to Boost Your Ranking Fast in League of Legends

League of Legends or LoL is a highly competitive strategy game that requires a huge amount of game knowledge if you are to reach the highest tiers and divisions. It’s not just about strategy however, as players have to learn the various nuances of each champion, understand all of the in-game stats, be up to date on all of the latest updates and so much more. So, when you think about it, it’s actually quite difficult to find an effective way to achieve a specific goal in the end of each season. As such, I thought I would share with you a few top tips:

Try an Elo Boost

Elo boosting is a super fast way to get ahead. Elo Boosting is the process of improving your position in the LoL ranking system by giving over access of your account to a professional player. In many cases, ranked boosting is a paid service. When you buy a LoL elo boost from a LoL boosting service, you can choose how many divisions to increase by and the pricing is based on the number of divisions and the difficult level to achieve it. This is a safe way to achieve your goal as your game is played by experts.

However, be sure to buy your elo boosting from a trusted supplier/company, as this will ensure that your LoL account will not get banned or stolen. It’s worth noting that boosts can cost between $10 and $10,000.  However, if you are planning to boost your division by a couple of ranks, then you will be looking at the lower end of that scale.

LoL League of Legends

Learn from a veteran player

Some of the top tier players are offering coaching services, privately or directly from a variety of coaching websites. Therefore, you may get both free and paid advice from them in order to increase your skills and knowledge. The best starting point is usually the Reddit thread, as this mixes free advice with real-world views on different coaches and approaches. The skills and methods learned from coaches can help you understand how to win more games and make you a better long-term player as the skills you develop will stay with you forever.

LoL League of Legends

Watch The Pros on Twitch

Another good way to gain elo is to watch challenger players who are streaming on Twitch. By watching the pros, you can see commonalities between their strategies. During the games, both watchers, commentators and people in the chat analyze all of the moves and discuss why they did this or that. You can then compare what they are doing with your own replays and check the differences. Similarly, you can reverse engineer their strategies and keep a note of their play style. Should you ever find yourself up against them in battle, you can refer to your notes on how they play and more importantly, how to beat them.


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