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The best types of live dealer games that’ll transport you to the casino

If you want to see and interact with the dealer while gambling online, you can lay your hands on a lot of live dealer titles for this. You find them in slots, roulettes, and other types of titles, as the number of games with live dealer features keep increasing by the day. Nothing fully compares to the land-based casino experience, though sites like these with live dealer games come pretty close.

Information from’s live dealer section reveals that there are more than 147 live dealer titles out there. These are from 46 developers and can be enjoyed on more than 268 casino sites. However, this number keeps rising.

This article will be looking at the best or top played types of live dealer games for players to savour.


Of course, the idea of gaming for any slot player in land-based or online slots is to slip in the amount they want to wager with or select the amount in online slot machines and then pull the lever or click on the play icon. But this action could be carried out for you when you play live dealer slot games. In the live slot games, you choose the slots that you want to enjoy and instruct the dealer on the actions to carry out for you, while watching them perform those actions. You instruct them the amount to wager, when to spin the reels, and when to opt-in or out of bonuses and others.


In the live dealer lottery, players are given the chance to enjoy those draws that happen on TV on their device whenever they like. They won’t need to buy tickets here. Instead, they select some numbers online and try matching them with the number selected by the live dealer. You may also enjoy side bets here, including the total numbers drawn and the number of events or odds involved, etc.

Some of the live dealer games here include the ‘Live Lucky 5’ where air jets circle 3 balls in a transparent container. The balls are painted in four different colours; with nine balls each having one of the colours. They are given numbers 1-36, and the players wager on the numbers and colours of the balls to be drawn. After betting, the balls are drawn in a random manner and the winners are determined by the outcome.

Live Bingo

When you choose to enjoy live dealer bingo games, it gives you the chance to decide on the amount to pay as an entry fee. You also get to choose the bingo to play, from the available 90, 80 and 75 ball bingo games.

In the Live Croupier Bingo, a caller appears on the screen and announces the number of the ball released from the tumbler to the players. Here, you will experience a similar gameplay as in the typical bingo game, as you move to complete the line on the bingo card in your hands. What the live dealer does is to add more fun by announcing the numbers.

Live Dice Games

The live dealer dice games will give you the feeling of being in a brick and mortar casino. In normal online dice games, the dice rolls when you click a button. But the dice is rolled for you by the dealer in the live dealer version, making it more entertaining, as if you are experiencing in-person gambling.

The live dealer in the game also serves as the roller when a dice duel wants to happen. The dealer rolls two dice of different colours and the one that indicates a higher value wins the game. Here, people normally bet on the colour of the dice that will win or whether it would be a tie. People can also wager on whether the number of the dice would be even or odd or the specific number that will come up.

Live Wheel Games

In the live wheel game of chance, the dealer or host is the person that spins the vertical wheel. In the wheel games, players get to guess the colour or the number upon which the wheel will stop after spinning.

Many people must have heard or played the Wheel of Fortune game. In the live version of the game, the wheel is equipped with 19 spaces, numbers 1 to 18 and a final space with a symbol. In the spaces, there are also colours. Now, before the wheel is spun by the croupier, players wager on the number and colour that the wheel will stop on. They can also wager on whether it will be an even or odd number.



Because of the lower house edge, baccarat is one of the most popular card games. You play the game like one sitting on a card table in a brick and mortar casino. Here, you play against a dealer to see who gets the higher hand. You have to bet on the hand to win the game or whether it would be a tie.

Live Baccarat comes in many versions. In the Baccarat Squeeze, you will enjoy action like in the conventional baccarat, though with some added twist. Here, you can bend the cards, so as to tease other players to pick out the value of the cards, and that’s where the name squeeze came from. The bending of cards is something you can’t achieve with physical baccarat games, but here, cameras with different angles are used to make it possible.


Most players choose live dealer games so they can chat and interact with the croupiers and their opponents while playing. This is something you may not have access to when you play online. In the blackjack game, all players play against the dealer. When the game is on, you try to ensure that the sum of the cards in your hands is as close to 21 as possible, but without exceeding 20. Now, no matter the hands of the other players in the table, all you need is to ensure that you beat the dealer.

In the Live Common Draw Blackjack, players who try to win the dealer are set on a different level. You don’t have to start with your two cards, but rather with the community cards and they include the starting two cards shared by all in the table. After this, all players will now choose how they wish to execute the hand. They may choose to double down, split, stand or hit, after which the dealer draws for the hand to come up with the result of the game.


At the poker table, you will enjoy more fun if you can interact with the dealer and other players present. That’s what live poker gives. You can chat with the dealer and other players here through the numerous chat rooms. Many cameras are used to execute the game. Here, you can enjoy different poker versions just as in physical poker.

The Live Casino Hold’ Em, for instance, combines some of the features of blackjack and Texas Hold’ em poker. Here, you play against the dealer hand like in blackjack. But the remaining parts of the game are executed like in Texas Hold’em poker. Here, two cards are dealt to you and betting rounds are done before the river, turn, flop, or final round, after flipping the river. Here, you fight to have a five card hand that is better than what the dealer has.


This is among the commonest of all live dealer games. You have different versions here and the American version is among the most played. This has 38 pockets and they include numbers 1-36, plus the 0 and 00 pockets that are green in colour. Pockets 1-36 are equipped with equal numbers, and are painted either black or red. It is just the second 00 that distinguishes American from European roulette. The live dealer spins the wheel here and it cycles until it stops and the ball lands on a particular pocket that determines who wins.


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