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How Online Gaming Is Being Reshaped By Virtual Reality

We’ve all been hopeful of a world where Virtual Reality environments enable us to enjoy interactions in the digital world. Whilst we can’t say that we’ve got to the ‘holodecks in Star Trek’ level of Virtual Reality, we also can’t deny the availability of useful augmented reality and virtual systems. While the technology is still growing, it’s seriously impacting the world of online casino gaming.

In the online casino realm, we’re witnessing a redefinition of the modes of interaction between people, made possible by Augmented and Virtual Reality. Most iGaming fans have taken interest in live casino gaming in the past years. The live casino games that players can gamble on at casino sites found at afford gamers the opportunity to interact with real live dealers somewhere.

With what we see in gaming devices like the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive, we now have an idea of how AR and VR can change the face of gaming. These technologies could help live casinos by allowing people to interact with the casino games and other players in a digital space. Most betting & casino sites that are interested in embracing cutting edge technologies and offering the same to their customers are embracing this Virtual Reality.


It may be necessary for us to differentiate between Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality:

Virtual Reality allows you to interact with a world that is entirely virtual or digital. This will throw you into an environment that looks like the real game environment, but none of those environments are actually ‘real’.

In Augmented Reality, the existing environment is simply augmented as the name implies. It involves the placing of virtual objects in a real world environment. One of the games where the Augmented Reality system is properly used is the Pokemon Go.

This could be addressed as an ‘infant’ technology in the online casino world, but a lot of platforms are already applying VR. In some casino websites, users are allowed to enjoy slot games in a virtual world. The meaning of this is that players can enjoy a very huge immersive interaction with the title they’re playing on and top notch high definition graphics.

What the Future Holds

VR will take a more central position in the online casino world in the future, providing more immersion in game playing. We may enjoy full virtual online casinos in the future – the type that you can attend and move around in. However, VR technology can offer something similar to this to some degree, even though the entire idea still feels like film tricks to some people.

A closer look at the AR system will help us unearth better ways to use it in online casinos. For instance, you can have a virtual roulette wheel at the center of your living room. This will give you and your friends the chance to interact with casino games whenever you are with them. With the Haptic Feedback Device systems, you’ll be made to feel as if you are touching the digital objects in the virtual world.

Current Drawbacks

Like every infant technology, AR and VR are far from being available for mass consumption at the moment, especially when it comes to the online casinos. What we have for now are the VR Head Mounted Displays. On the downside however, they demand a whole lot of computer power and can cost a whole lot of money.

At the moment, the service we enjoy from the virtual reality systems in online casinos are not too advanced, even though we believe that the system has the potential to bring in advanced changes to the sector.

In the meantime, while casino venues keep experimenting with the technology, and as the developers continue to innovate it, there would be a huge increase in quality in the near future. It amazes us to understand that there’s no limits to what the Augmented and Virtual Reality can give us. So, the future look and feel of online casinos due to VR and AR is something we can’t imagine for now. The only thing we can attest to is that the future is hugely bright.

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